Date: Saturday, April 16th

  • Presenters and students should arrive at 12 PM
  • Food will be ready at 12 PM
  • Students should aim for a presentation time of 8 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A. The last minute will be used as a transition period to the next presenter.
  • A Psi Chi Board Member should be keeping track of the time using a timer/stopwatch. At 11 minutes, the Q&A will stop, and there will be a transition to the next presenter

Location: Senita Ballroom in the Memorial Union



Project Title

12:30 - 12:40

Finish Checking In/Grabbing Food

12:40 - 1:10 

Dr. Gene Brewer Presentation

1:10 - 1:22

Shane Kasmarogi and Annie Cooper

Parents perceptions of digital dating abuse

1:22 - 1:34

Trinity Strecker and Jacqueline Johnson

The Influence of Partnership Dance for Adult Romantic Couples on Intimacy, Trust, and Attachment Style 

1:34 - 1:46

Hector Leon, Katrina Ager, Jacob Sobcszak

An Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to the Trigeminal Nerve on Attention and Arousal

1:46 - 1:58

Jileena Mehta

Family Bereavement Project: The Relationship Between Emotional Suppression and the Impact of Negative Life Events

1:58 - 2:10

Megan Nelson

Understanding the Role of Machine-Learning Algorithms in Classifying Animal Behavior

2:10 - 2:22

Ava Trimble

A Screenshot Is Worth a Thousand Words: Capturing Romantic Relationship Digital Behavior

2:22 - 2:34

Hector Leon

Bridging Brains Outreach Initiative

2:34 - 2:46

Rishika Shah

Examining the Relationship of Positive and Negative Social Support with Depression in U.S. Military Service Members

2:46 - 2:58

Koop Billis

When Encountering A Fork, Sun Devils Go Right Around It

2:58 - 3:13


3:13 - 3:43

Dr. Tanya Gupta Presentation

Hurry up and wait! Modeling ADHD-like impulsivity in mice.

3:43 - 3:55

Crystal Li

Changes in Ethnic/Racial Discrimination Predict Sleep Outcomes in Latino Adolescents Across the Transition to College

3:55 - 4:07

Madison Fenner

New Beginnings Program Effect on Young Adults’ Relationship Confidence: 15-Year Follow Up

4:07 - 4:19

Lazette Tirado

A literature review on the effectiveness of DMT or reducing levels of stress, symptoms of depression, and improving social interaction. 

4:19 - 4:31

Savannah Goshgarian

The Post-Treatment Effects on Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors within Young Adults in a 15-year Follow-Up Study

4:31 - 4:43

Eve Barton

Evaluation of treatment effectiveness in a community-based psychology training clinic

4:43 - 4:55

Ema Angulo-Rodriguez

Bridging Biculturalism and Translanguaging to Child Bilingual Development

4:55 - 5:07

Kevin Trent

Rumination and Diurnal Cortisol Patterns

5:07 - 5:19

Alejandro Caballero

Worth the wait: The role of cognitive and physical effort in shaping children's value judgements, preferences, and behavior 

5:19 - 5:31

Bianca Duran

The effects of childhood abuse and neglect on self-esteem as an adult

5:31 - 5:50

Break/Open Poster Session (judges evaluate scores during this time)

5:50 - 6:00

Winners Announced and Closing Remarks