Clinical Recruitment 2022

This is a the recruitment hub page for the Clinical Psychology Training Area. Please review the links below to find what you are looking for. 

General Meeting Zoom Link - Friday Feb, 4, 2022

Clinical Psychology Faculty

Doctoral Resources Page



Faculty Selection Survey:

Due: please submit within 24 hours

Purpose: This is to let us know your preferred faculty mentor(s) in rank order. You listed your preferred mentor(s) on your application but this information may have changed since then and now is your opportunity to let us know your current interests. You’ll receive a copy of your submission; therefore, the survey will ask for your email address.



Post-Interview Event:

Due: within 2-3 days after the event

Purpose: This is to provide feedback about the event – what you liked, didn’t like, and suggestions for the future. This survey is optional. You can fill it out anonymously (just don’t list your name). We’d love to hear your thoughts, even if your responses are anonymous.

Graduate Advisors