Adult and Family Development Project: Young Adult Alcohol Use Follow-Up

We are conductiong a web-based survey follow-up to assess alcohol use outcomes among a sample participating in a longitudinal study of risk for alcohol disorder.

Students will help track participants and recruit them for a web-based survey that assesses their alcohol use. Depending on their skills and goals, students can also help graduate students prepare an empirical paper for journal submission. Students can attend weekly meetings and learn about preparation for grad school application.

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PSY 399 & PSY 499

Ethics training and training in confidentiality are important. Strong social skills are important for participant recruitment. Strong academic background and interest in alcohol research are useful as are attention to detail and strong work ethic. Students with skills and interest in quantitative methods and statistics can help with data analysis. Must be sophomore, junior, or senior Psychology majors with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students who are anticipating graduate school are preferred.

Lab Director(s): 
Laurie Chassin, PhD