Applied Behavior Analysis Masters Program

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In the early 1960s, the Department of Psychology was nicknamed Fort Skinner in the Desert and was the first psychology department in the U.S. to start a program that would specialize in behavioral research, theory, and applications. In fact, ASU’s first PhD graduate was Montrose M. Wolf (1935-2004) who originated time-out for children with behavior problems and became known as the “father of ABA.”

Infused with this rich history, our MS ABA is the only known classroom-based masters program at a Research I University to provide a BACB-approved curriculum for certification and 1500+ supervised practicum hours required for state licensing in Arizona.

In addition to four, full-time semesters of scientific coursework and a summer internship, the degree’s culminating experience will be the presentation of our students’ year-long Capstone Projects at a region-wide career event to recognize and celebrate the program’s rising graduates.

For more information about our MS ABA program, please explore and read all of program's webpages including our FAQ page. If you need more detailed information, you may send specific questions to