Bridges to High School Program

The Bridges program is a skills-based intervention that aims to increase academic engagement and prevent adolescent mental health problems.

As a Bridges Research Assistant (RA), undergraduates will function as recruiters, in-home interviewers, in-school experimenters, videographers, and assistants to group facilitators to ensure smooth delivery of the program.

  • Gain Experience for Graduate School
  • Become Part of an Exciting Research Project
  • Earn Research Credits
  • Build Your Resume/Vita

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Research Area:

Course Info
Course Credit: 
PSY399 and PSY499

Sophomore, junior or senior Psychology majors who are looking for research experience in anticipation of graduate school are preferred.  Must work well independently, be conscientious and curious, and have a good work ethic. Prefer to have students who have completed Research Methods courses.

Lab Director(s): 
Nancy Gonzales, PhD
Sandra Losoya, PhD