CARMA Lab (Cohen)

We research the psychology of religion, using several different perspectives and approaches. We are interested in the evolutionary and ecological factors that contribute to the development of cultural and religions attitudes and behaviors. We are interested in examining the evolutionary and ecological factors that influence cultural and religious attitudes and behaviors. For example, what are the effects of ecological factors (climate/temperature/disease prevalence) on religious beliefs and group formation? How do cultural identities– whether based upon religion, ethnicity, or nationality - interact with each other and the environment to promote conflict? What information do we infer about our mate from his or her genetic relatives? You can also visit our lab page to learn more about our work.
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Course Credit: 
PSY 399 Only

Majoring or minoring in psychology.Interest in social psychology.Interest in evolution, culture, or religion.Interest in pursuing a graduate education or career in psychology or psychology-related field.

Lab Director(s): 
Adam Cohen, PhD
Kathryn Johnson, PhD