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Clinical PhD Recruitment Hub

Welcome to the ASU Department of Psychology Clinical Recruitment Weekend! You will find important details on this page, such as a schedule, link to the zoom room, information about what to do if you are disconnected and more.  

Link to the Zoom room for all activities 


Time of DayActivityDuration
9 AM - 10 AM AZ timeOrientation Introduction and Q&A1 hour
10 AM - 12 PM AZ timeLive individual interviews (First-year students will move everyone in and out of breakout rooms throughout the day)30 minutes each
12 PM - 1 PM AZ Live diversity panel (optional)1 hour
1 PM - 4:45 PM AZLive individual interviews continue30 minutes each
4:45 PM AZLive wrap up15 minutes
5:00 PM AZHappy Hour 1 hour

Link to join: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7401286045