Contextual Influences on Subjective Alcohol Effects (BARCA/Corbin Lab)

Our studies focus on alcohol effects on subjective experiences, as well as behavioral outcomes including attention, memory, and behavioral control. The study we will be conducting in the coming year examines differences in alcohol effects on behavior based on the context in which drinking occurs.

We are beginning a new longitudinal study examining the effects of both physical and social context on subjective alcohol effects. Participants will consume alcohol in one of four settings that vary in terms of physical context (e.g. bar vs. non-bar) and social context (alone vs. in groups) and we will assess a broad range of alcohol effects including stimulation, relaxation, and impairment. Participants will be followed up over a 2 year period to examine relations between alcohol response in different contexts and later drinking behavior and alcohol-related problems.

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Facult Supervisor: William Corbin, Ph.D. (

Lab Manager: Megan Warner (

Graduate RA: Anna Papova (

Graduate RA: Jessica Hartman (

Graduate RA: Kyle Menary (

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Either PSY399 or PSY499

Prerequisites include a minimum GPA of 3.0, willingness to commit to the lab for 2 semesters, and availability for evening data collection (5 p.m. to midnight) at least one night per week between Monday and Thursday.

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William Corbin, PhD