Embodied Cognition/Glenberg Lab

We study how neural and bodily systems of action, perception, and emotion underlie all cognition.

How does the word "chair" mean the thing that we sit in? Work in the Glenberg Laboratory for Embodied Cognition is answering this question using developmental, behavioral, and neurophysiological methods. We also use the basic science to develop and test applications in the field of early reading (e.g., first- and second-graders). Our projects also apply principles of embodied cognition to education (testing reading comprehension interventions for Latino children), social and cultural psychology, and language comprehension. Positions are available for students with a variety of skills including: web-site development, computer programming, experimental design, data analysis, data collection, work with children Most importantly, all students are expected to be excited about the research, willing to read (and struggle with) the basic research, committed to thinking hard about the problems, and willing to be careful, objective, critical, observers of behavior. As a rule of thumb, students will devote 3-4 hours/week to the laboratory for each credit hour. Included in this time is attending a weekly laboratory meeting.

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Course Credit: 
Either PSY399 or PSY499
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Lab Director(s): 
Art Glenberg, PhD