Embodied Games for Learning Lab

Exploration of Augmented and Virtual Realities (XR)  for learning and behavior change.

We design, build and assess the efficacy of videogames and VR experiences that instruct in science topics.

Visit the website to see several of the NSF-funded games we have built and offer to schools. www.embodied-games.com

The lab is now moving to Virtual Reality (VR) environments and assessing the effects of the latest hand controls on gesture and embodied learning in immersive environments. Our special focus is on STEM for 4th graders through college level; however, we are open to creating relevant and transformational educational games that you will shepherd through to the research phase.


Opportunity Info
Course Info
Course Credit: 
PSY 399 and/or PSY 499
Academic Year: 

Prerequisites include a minimum GPA of 3.0, willingness to commit to the lab for 2 semesters. You do not have to code but you MUST NOT be afraid of, or flustered by, technology. In Fall of 2018 you must have time to run participants.

It’s a plus if you are a gamer and if you like science topics.

Lab Director(s): 
Dr. Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg