Emotion Regulation & Health (Davis)

What factors put individuals at risk for developing chronic pain? Once a pain condition has developed, what aspects of emotional experience, cognition, and social engagement matter in pain control? If you are interested in seeking answers to these questions (whether or not you have personal experiences with serious pain), please consider joining our scientific efforts to help understand risk for and adaptation to chronic pain. Dr. Davis is currently collaborating with colleagues in developmental psychology on the Arizona Twin Project to study transmission of pain within families.. She is recruiting conscientious and motivated individuals to work as research assistants in the lab. In this role, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with assessing of child and parent health, coding of facial emotion expressions, categorizing parent-child behaviors during child pain, and collecting physiological samples to assess child stress hormones. You will also learn about how we can examine the genetic and environmental contributions to pain through use of the “twin design” in research. You will have the opportunity to gain important research skills that can help to prepare you to apply to graduate and medical programs, while you also make a meaningful contribution to the accumulation of knowledge on pain development and alleviation. To learn more about this exciting project, please send an email to Dr. Davis at mary.davis@asu.edu.

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Course Credit: 
Either PSY399 or PSY499


Lab Director(s): 
Mary Davis, PhD