Energize Program

Submitted by rjewing1 on December 3, 2019 - 12:57pm
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Describe how you fit the ENERGIZE program under-represented criteria. The labs are specifically looking for students who are under-represented in the sciences. This includes: Racial and ethnic background, Sexual orientation, Religious diversity, First-generation students, International students, Students with disabilities, Nontraditional students, Rural students, Older students, Students with families
OPTIONAL. Often faculty get many requests from students who want to join the lab. Use this text box to help faculty understand why you want to participate in a particular lab. For each of up to three of your lab choices, write a few sentences describing a) why you want to participate in that lab, and b) any qualifications that you might have (e.g., coursework, life experiences). Be sure to indicate which lab you are writing about.
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