Kenrick-Neuberg Lab

Dr. Neuberg, Dr. Kenrick, and their graduate students conduct research from an evolutionary social psychological perspective. Our lab uses evolutionary perspective to examine social phenomena such as stereotype/prejudice/discrimination, group dynamics, fundamental social motives, function of life satisfaction, and interactions between ecology and social cognition.

In our lab, our research examines issues such as stereotypes/prejudice/discrimination, female sociality, and fundamental social motives from an evolutionary psychological perspective. 

Our lab engages in high-level research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. Our RAs are exposed to the ins and outs of primarily psychological research, seeing research through from the inception and fleshing out an idea to study design, data collection and interpretation. Ideas in the Kenrick-Neuberg Lab span a range of interests within Social and Evolutionary Psychology, often focusing on how the fundamental motives (avoiding disease, finding mates, maintaining friendships, caring for kin, etc.) influence a range of behaviors, from financial and political decision making to which products people buy.

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For more information, please contact the current lab manager, Ahra Ko ( For further information about the lab, please visit our website.

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PSY 399 & PSY 499


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Douglas Kenrick, PhD
Steven Neuberg, PhD