Ladd Lab

The Pathways Project is a longitudinal research project that has been collecting data regarding children's peer relationships and their psychological and academic adjustment.

This information is gathered from 400 target children, their classmates, teachers and parents/guardians. The data collection aspect of the project is done in Illinois, as that is where the project originated and where the majority of the targets kids are living. ASU handles all of the coding and analyzing of the data as well as conducting some child interviews for those kids not living in IL. The main investigator on the project is Dr. Gary Ladd, a professor in both the School of Social and Family Dynamics and Psychology departments.   As a research assistant for our project you would get experience using statistical programs like SPSS and our sociometric program for coding and checking data. We also utilize a scantron machine to read in our raw data into text files. There are also numerable other ways to gain valuable research experience with our project!   Our office atmosphere is very relaxed and flexible. All of our previous research assistants have found it very easy to schedule and complete their assigned hours. As a research assistant you can sign up for 2 credits (6 hours of work per week) or 3 credits (9 hours of work per week) of family and human development or psychology research credits. If you are planning to attend graduate school, our project would give you great research experience.

Opportunity Info
Additional Contact Information: 

Contact Sara Herald at 965.3917. Office is located in Cowden Hall Room 121C. Office hours: By appointment only.

Course Info
Course Credit: 
PSY399 or PSY499

If you want to sign up for 499, then 399 is a prerequisite. A 3.0 GPA in major is desired.

Lab Director(s): 
Gary Ladd, PhD