Las Madres Nuevas (Luecken, Gonzales, Perez, Crnic)

The purpose of this study is to observe specific changes over time in mother/child development and relationships in a sample of Mexican-American mothers and children.  In collaboration with Linda Luecken and Nancy Gonzales, Keith Crnic and Marisol Perez, the study started as a 5-year, NIMH funded investigation of Mexican American mothers and their infants that seeks to understand the health disparity in postpartum depression in this population, and explore the coregulatory mechanisms (emotional, behavioral, psychophysiological) in mother-infant interaction that operate over time to influence the course of maternal depression and child early behavioral competencies. Additional funding has allowed the expansion of this project beyond the early infancy period to include follow-up through age 9 of the children, with a multi-modal data collection spanning observational, report, and physiological methods. Throughout the study, our scope has expanded to included measures of self-regulation as well as examining the role of early life biological susceptibility in shaping children’s weight gain trajectories and obesity risk. The lab provides undergrads with opportunities to be involved in emotion coding from video and live data collection via on campus lab visits. 

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Jody Southworth, Las Madres Nuevas Project Director

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PSY399 and PSY499
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Linda Luecken, Nancy Gonzales, Keith Crnic, Marisol Perez