Memory & Language Lab (Goldinger)

Our lab conducts wide-ranging research in perception, memory, and attention. Students joining our team will learn about our basic research including technical skills such as the use of eye-tracking equipment. We require enthusiastic research assistants who will help with data collection - mainly overseeing computer - based experiments with PSY 101 volunteers. As our undergrads RAs increase their knowledge, they become more involved in data analysis, poster creation, and occasionally, authorship.

We typically offer 3 credits for students taking either PSY 399 or 499. Most student RAs begin with 399, and then enroll in 499 when they are ready for more responsibility. If 3 credits is not desirable for any reason, we are happy to modify credit hours as needed.

Our laboratory is located in the main Psychology building, Suite 270 (Cognitive Sciences Lab). We are very interested in recruiting Spanish-speaking research assistants!  Summer RA positions are not available.

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If Steve Walenchok does not reply in timely fashion, please contact either Casey Phifer or Kate Hebert

Lab Phone: (480) 965-1377

Course Info
Course Credit: 
Both PSY399, PSY499

We request that students have either completed or are currently taking Research Methods (PSY 290). New research assistants typically take PSY 399 as a pass/fail grade. PSY 399 involves running participants in computerized behavioral and eye-tracking experiments. We closely work with new students while they are learning the software and data collection procedures. After completing a semester of PSY 399, students are encouraged to take PSY 499 for a letter grade. PSY 499 is similar to PSY 399 but involves completing a project based on our research, typically culminating with a conference-style poster.

We also request a commitment of at least 6 hours per week (2 credits) for either PSY 399 and 499 students. However, this can be modified as needed. We initially work with students to schedule preferred weekly hours, and the finalized schedule remains constant throughout the semester. 

New research assistants can start with PSY 499 if they have completed the maximum number of PSY 399 credits in other labs.

Lab Director(s): 
Stephen Goldinger, PhD