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In our lab, our research examines issues such as stereotypes/prejudice/discrimination, female sociality, and fundamental social motives from an evolutionary psychological perspective. 

How do stereotypes (beliefs), prejudices (feelings), and discrimination (behaviors) relate to one another? What does cooperation and competition between women look like, and how does it differ from that between men? How do fundamental social motives affect our happiness and our perception of meaning in life? These are just a few of the questions we explore in our lab, using an evolutionary perspective to keep asking the next “why”. Over the course of the semester, research assistants (RAs) in our lab help conduct multiple studies, including computer surveys and interactive “game” studies. The studies may involve behavioral games, self-report surveys and questionnaires, or recording (audio, photo, or video) of participants. Students will be primarily responsible for running participants during the week and participating in weekly meetings to discuss past research and future study design. Students may also be asked to do some data entry, recruiting via email or phone, literature reviews, or other lab tasks. Students accepted as RAs are expected to commit 9 hours per week to the lab: 7 hours per week are spent running participants in the lab and/or completing assignments, and 2 hours per week are spent at our weekly lab meeting (Fridays, 3-5pm--if you can't attend the lab meeting at this time, you cannot participate in the lab).

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For more information, please contact the current lab manager, Ahra Ko, at For further information about the lab, please visit our website.

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PSY 399

We do not have formal prerequisites for our RAs, but we suggest that RAs have taken PSY 101, Social Psychology, Intro Statistics, and Research Methods.

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Steven Neuberg, PhD