Science of Learning and Educational Technology Lab (SoLET Lab)

We design and test intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) for reading and writing and use them to explore how people integrate multiple sources of information.

The Science of Learning and Educational Technology (SoLET) lab addresses questions regarding theoretical explanations of cognitive processes such as text comprehension, writing, and knowledge acquisition. Our lab focuses on applying research from computer science, education, and psychology in educational environments. We aim to further the understanding of cognitive processes and to use this theoretical foundation to improve educational methods.

We are searching for reliable and enthusiastic students who are considering going to grad school in psychology or a related area and are interested in Cognitive or Educational Psychology. Our Research Assistants (RA) will gain a better understanding of graduate school, and will learn about research in cognitive psychology.

Research Assistants (RA) will generally be asked to perform system bug testing, run participants, enter and organize data, and proofread stimuli and surveys. Research assistants will be expected to attend meetings, read lab relevant studies, and commit to 9 hours a week of working in the lab.

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Course Credit: 
PSY 399 & PSY 499

Students must have GPA of at least 3.0, and have taken or are currently enrolled PSY 290

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Danielle McNamara, PhD