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Decision Neuroscience Laboratory (McClure)

Keywords:  cognitive neuroscience; fMRI; reward; decision-making; learning

Dynamics of Perception, Action, & Cognition (Amazeen)

Keywords: complexity; coordination; vision; touch; motor skills; physiological processes; handedness; learning; attention

EEG Lab (Blais & Brewer)

Event related potentials; EEG; cognitive neuroscience; social neuroscience; cognitive control; selective attention; memory; SES


Embodied Games Lab (Johnson-Glenberg) - Cognitive Science Affiliate

Games for learning and health, STEM education, cognitive change, Virtual Reality (VR) therapies during hospital stays,  Nutrition science, Efficacy related to XR experiences

Laboratory for Embodied Cognition (Glenberg)

Keywords:  embodied cognition; language comprehension; embodied reading comprehension intervention (EMBRACE); cognitive neuroscience; joint action and mirror neuron system

Learning and Development Lab (Benitez)

Keywords: cognitive development, word learning, attention, language acquisition, statistical learning, bilingualism

Memory & Language Lab (Goldinger)

Keywords: visual attention, face perception, eye-tracking, pupillary changes, language processing.

Memory and Attention Control Lab


Undergraduate Research Opportunities: https://psychology.clas.asu.edu/content/memory-attention-control-lab-brewer

Our research projects investigate human memory and attention capabilities and how they support a wide range of behaviors.

Research in the Memory and Attention Control Laboratory entails attending lab meetings, scoring cognitive data, and helping participants complete experiments.  These experiments are typically conducted in the laboratory on personal computing stations.

Prototype Abstraction Lab (Homa)

Keywords:  category theory, dynamic scene processing, attention, face processing, attention, memory search

Science of Learning and Educational Technology (McNamara)

Keywords:  knowledge acquisition; reading comprehension; writing; strategies; self-explanation; writing assessment; intelligent tutoring systems; tutoring; games; computational linguistics; learning analytics

Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

We study neural and cognitive mechanisms that allow us to maintain stable visual experience of the world despite noisy sensory representations. We investigate a broad set of research topics, including visual attention, visual working memory, and perceptual decision making using psychophysics, computational modeling along with EEG/ERPs.