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Cooperation and Conflict Lab (Aktipis)

Keywords:  evolution of cooperation; human sharing; cancer evolution; genetic conflict; microbiome and behavior

Culture and Decision Science Network Lab (Kwan)

Keywords:  self; culture; social psychology; personality; anthropomorphism; cyberpsychology; sustainability

Culture and Ecology Lab (Varnum)

Keywords: culture; social class; cultural change; neuroscience; ecology; evolution

Culture, Adaptation, Religion, Morality, Anthropomorphism Lab (CARMA) (Cohen)

Culture, Adaptation, Religion, Morality, Anthropomorphism

Evolution, Ecology, and Social Behavior Lab (Dr. Neuberg)

Keywords: stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination; stigma; fundamental social motives; social cognition; religion and conflict; evolutionary approaches to social behavior; ecology and culture; life satisfaction; overweight/obesity; person perception; social exclusion

Evolutionary Social Cognition Lab (Kenrick-Neuberg-Becker)

Our Functional Social Cognition Lab explores the processes that influence the selective and automatic direction of our limited perceptual and cognitive resources. We've been developing a conceptual framework that begins to articulate the role that fundamental social goals play in governing these processes. We focus, in particular, on the ways in which self-protection, mating, status-striving, social affiliation, and disease avoidance goals selectively facilitate attention toward people who have characteristics relevant to those goals. Integrating theory and research on selective attention processes, the influence of goals on social cognition and behavior, and evolutionary/ecological theories of motivation and social cognition, our framework yields novel hypotheses about how social goals influence attention to, perceptions of, and cognitions about individuals who differ in gender, physical attractiveness, and ethnicity.


Social Addictions Impulse Lab (Patock-Peckham)

Keywords:  Alcohol, Impaired Control Over Drinking, Parenting Styles, Self-regulation, Trait and State Impulsivity, Trauma, Secrets, Resiliency, and Social Influence.

SPLAT Lab (Shiota)

Keywords: emotion; close relationships; psychophysiology; nonverbal expression; social cognition; positive psychology