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PSY 484 Information Session

Are you interested in participating in a Pscyhology Internship, but aren't sure where to start? Join us this semester for one of our PSY 484 Information Sessions to learn more about the internship program, application process, and create a plan to get started on your search!

  • Wednesday, October 9th
  • 4:30 - 5:30 PM in PSY 263 

Learn how you can earn 3 upper division PSY credits for your internship experience! We will discuss the application process for PSY 484, how to get started, and other important information. Hope to see you there!



Currently Hosting Psych Interns? – IMPORTANT DATES

October 13th

For supervisors currently hosting interns, mid-term evaluations for Fall Interns are due by October 13th. Here are some tips for evaluating interns and helping them in their professional development:

  • Use the rating scale as an opportunity to provide them areas of professional development. As great as our interns are, none of them should be completely at the level of your professional staff (4 rating) in all areas at this point in the semester!
  • Provide feedback where appropriate in areas where they can continue to develop. Consider recommending small action steps they can take to build their skills.
  • Be honest in your evaluation, as this is important to their growth as a professional.
  • Remember, their grade is in no way associated with your rating of them. They receive full credit just for turning in the form!


Need an Intern for Spring or Summer?

We can help you promote your opportunities! Now is the time to check your organization’s information on our Psychology Pre-Approved Internship Site list. Please click here to see the list, click on the link(s) associated with your site, and confirm that they are updated and correct for Spring and Summer internship opportunities. If you have any changes you’d like to make, please reach out to me directly as soon as possible (