We are so grateful for your support

Thanks for all your support

Hi! I’m Steve Neuberg, Chair of the ASU Department of Psychology,

We as a department are so fortunate to be conducting life-changing research, mentoring students, and contributing to our science and our communities.

We are currently highlighting our Innovation Fund that allows us to push the boundaries of what academic departments do; our scholarship funds that help support underrepresented students in their quest to conduct research; and our Greatest Needs Fund that allows for more flexible funding in all of the broader areas that state funding limits, including student scholarships, access and creating new resources.

I hope you’re all well.  Thanks for your continued support.


Department Priorities

Greatest Needs Fund

Support the Psychology Department broadly, including scholarships, and creating new student resources.

Innovation Fund

Your generosity allows the psychology department to pursue innovative projects to expand access beyond what state funding and student tuition can cover.

Student Support and Scholarship Fund

Help support students with funding and scholarships to augment their studies and reduce the cost barrier. 

Why Give?

When you give to the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University, you become a partner in the academic success of our students, the research discoveries of our faculty, and the continued effort to make the world better in advancing the science of mind, brain, and behavior. You’re also supporting a top-ranked research university that’s committed to finding solutions to some of our most pressing concerns. From scholarship support to funding for a specific research cause, your generosity and continued investment have a significant effect on our community.

Whether you’re donating a couple of dollars or a large sum, your gift is greatly appreciated. Any amount makes a difference for our students, faculty, staff, research and programs. Your charitable contributions enable our department to achieve the highest standards of excellence, access, and impact.

- Steve Neuberg
Chair and Foundation Professor
ASU Department of Psychology

Scholarship/Community Funds

Psych for Life® Fund

Support the Department of Psychology's newest initiative, Psych For Life®. This commitment is changing how research is shared and impacts the lives of alumni, students, and the community. 


Support the Psychology Department ENERGIZE research initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in research. 

Psych For All Fund

Support the Psych for All Fund that is designed to support underrepresented students studying Psychology. Your gifts also support the creation of initiatives to increase the diversity of the department, curriculum and field.

Research Lab Funds

The ASU Body Project

Child Study Lab

Canine Cognition Research

Brain Fair for Children

Social Addictions Lab

Gratitude Messages