Volunteers are persons performing official university activities while under the direction and control of an ASU authorized official and are not paid. An ASU authorized official is an ASU employee who is not a student worker. Employees who are working within the course and scope of their employment do not need to complete the volunteer process.

Below is the link to the Volunteers webpage and DocuSign form (Users do not have to set up a DocuSign account, they only need to select a signature style when prompted):

Volunteer Insurance Form

  • Volunteer Forms are initiated by the supervisor or department not the volunteer.

  • A quick and easy registry has been created to capture the required data to maintain compliance with the state insurance requirements. 

    • Location, dates, and responsible unit with contact information.

  • Departments will file and maintain their volunteer forms for 5 years.

  • Risk Management will contact the individual departments directly in case of a claim for a copy of the signed form.

  • Visit the Risk Management Services website to view the full process, helpful resources, form links, and more.

There are three options for the Volunteer forms. 

General Volunteers Form and Waiver

General volunteers- minor participants under 18 years old.
both participant and parent sign at the bottom of the Waiver.

Volunteers in labs.
Request for minor access to ASU laboratories form here.

This form is used specifically for volunteers in labs. Volunteers in research labs are required to receive lab-specific training. This form does not apply to visiting scholars or research scientists, student workers in labs or enrolled students who are taking a lab class for academic credit. Please note minors in labs are also not volunteers and must follow a different process through ASU Environmental, Health and Safety and will not be approved.

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