Applied Behavioral Analysis

Welcome to the Behavior Analysis group at Arizona State University’s Clinical Psychology Center.

We are here to provide opportunities for children, adults, and families to improve quality of life through eliminating problem behaviors, becoming more flexible in thinking and action, and increasing behaviors that allow individuals to access aspects of their lives to make their lives more productive and meaningful.

We are a research and service-oriented group working in conjunction with other professionals in the Clinical Psychology Center.

What is Behavior Analysis?

Behavior Analysis is the scientific study of principles of learning and behavior. Two primary areas of study include:

  • Experimental Analysis of Behavior:
    The basic science of the discipline and has, over many decades, accumulated a substantial and well-respected body of research literature on how behavior is learned and changes over time. The experimental analysis of behavior is the scientific foundation of Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):
    A systematic approach for influencing socially important behavior through the identification of reliably related environmental variables and the production of behavior change techniques that make use of those findings. Practitioners of behavior analysis provide services consistent with the dimensions of ABA.

What are our services?

Our group provides behavior analytic therapy and conducts research on improving the lives of children, adults, and families through our services:

  • High risk functional behavioral assessment and interventions
  • School survival skills training
  • Work with METs
  • IEP development
  • Assessments of behavior deficits and excesses  
  • Language and cognition development from language acquisition to advance language usage (e.g., executive functioning, empathy) 
  • Social skills groups
  • Parent training on eating, sleeping, and toileting
  • Work with individuals with emotional and behavior disorders using cognitive behavioral therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
  • Work with individuals with ADHD
  • Staff training
  • Organizational management assessment and training

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BASICS Alcohol Program 

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is an evidence-based, educational approach used to address problematic alcohol use. It targets students who drink heavily and have experienced, or are at risk for, alcohol-related problems. BASICS is designed to help students make better alcohol-use decisions based on a clear understanding of the genuine risks associated with problem drinking, enhance motivation to change drinking habits, develop skills to moderate drinking, and promote healthier choices among young adults. The program is conducted over the course of two sessions and uses an empathetic, non-confrontational, and non-judgmental approach. BASICS been shown to be effective and has been implemented in many universities, with a number of universities offering BASICS as a diversion program for underage students arrested for alcohol possession and consumption.

Students who are interested in learning more about or decreasing their alcohol use can contact the CPC for more information.