Teen Cope

Teen Cope Depression Prevention Group

About 20% of teenagers will experience depression before the age of 18 and girls are two to three times as likely as boys to get depressed. Teen Cope is a depression prevention group for high school girls ages 14-18 who are showing some signs of depression or anxiety. is not for girls experiencing great impairment from depression.

Signs of depression in teenagers include:

  • Lack of energy or motivation
  • Feeling sad and hopeless about the future
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Loss of enjoyment in activities
  • Frequent crying
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability, anger, or hostility

Early intervention is crucial to helping teens cope with depression. If left untreated, teen depression is associated with a number of negative outcomes in the future, including:

  • Adult depression
  • School failure
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Early sexual activity
  • Involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Suicide

Teen Cope is also an educational group -- it teaches skills to cope with stress and negative feelings rather than having a “talk therapy” format. The group is based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model and is adapted from a program evaluated by research to have positive effects in preventing long-term depression in teenagers.

The group meets weekly for an hour for a total of nine weeks. Group sessions are held at the CPC and are run by doctoral student therapists who have completed their Master’s degrees and are working towards their PhD in Clinical Psychology. The program is supervised by Dr. John Barton, a licensed clinical psychologist and director of CPC. One of the group leaders will meet with each girl prior to starting the group to make sure that the program will be a good fit. There is a flat fee charged for the 9-week program. Please see our printable flyer or call the CPC at 480-965-7296 for more information or to set up a screening appointment.


  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who feels sad, stressed, or irritable? These feelings are VERY common for teenage girls. For example, you may:
  • Have less energy or motivation
  • Withdraw from your friends and family
  • Feel angry or irritable around friends and family
  • Sleep and eat more or less than usual
  • Feel like activities you used to enjoy aren’t as fun
  • Cry more often
  • Have a hard time concentrating

If so, Teen Cope might be for you!  Teen Cope is a group to learn about new ways to cope with stress and sadness with other 14-18 year old girls. The group is an opportunity to connect with other girls who may have similar experiences and feelings as you. Teen Cope IS NOT a group where you will be forced to talk about personal issues, or a “talk therapy” group. We do encourage participation but you are not required to share if you don’t feel comfortable.

Past members of Teen Cope have said:

  • “It was a lot of fun and it helps you deal with stress.”
  • “Do it. I honestly thought it was fun and it made me realize how silly my ‘negative’ thoughts are.”

Before the first group meets, you and a parent will be invited to meet with group leaders to make sure the program is a good fit for you. We can also answer any questions you have about the group and how it works.

You can e-mail us at clinic@asu.edu with questions. E-mails are read by the office staff and not secure; discretion is advised.

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