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In memory of Sanjana

Leave a message in memory of Sanjana who tragically passed away this Spring.

In Remembrance


"What a great picture! It makes it even harder to process the tragedy of this loss. It is incredibly sad to lose such a wonderful member of our team and we will all miss her greatly. Sanjana was such an important member of our research team and was such a pleasure to work with on her Thesis project. To lose someone so young, vibrant, and caring is so disheartening and I know that her absence will continue to be deeply felt in our lab. Our way of coping with the loss has been to honor Sanjana's work by carrying it through to completion. We are currently finishing up data collection on the second part of Sanjana's thesis project which she had planned for this semester. We look forward to analyzing the data and publishing the measure of parental monitoring of social media with Sanjana as an author. She did a tremendous amount of work on this project so we want to make sure others benefit from Sanjana's terrific work. Although Sanjana is no longer with us, she is surely not forgotten."


"When I think of Sanjana, I remember her gentle kindness, and of course her passion for her research. She was really an inspiration to me in the final stages of my project. I remembered how proud she was after she had presented her research, so much that she was holding back tears. Happiness was beaming out of her that day, and that is how I remember her. I carried that memory in my mind as I finished my own research, to motivate me to finish strong, and because she really inspired me to make something that I can be proud of. It warms my heart to hear that Sanjana's work is being carried to completion. I know she would have done incredible things in the field because of the passion and excellence that all of us have seen from her. I will continue to think of Sanjana in my future work, for she has truly been a role model to me. I will continue to miss her, and will never forget what a beautiful, kind person she always was."