Minor in Psychology

Why should you pursue a minor in psychology?

The minor in psychology focuses on appreciating and understanding the human condition from a scientific, psychological point of view. It is a great supplement to any academic plan if you would like to understand people better and how to conduct scientific research.

Students completing the minor in psychology should possess breadth of knowledge pertaining to the major principles, theoretical approaches and findings in psychology.

Students should also understand and be able to use basic research and quantitative methods in psychology and be able to gather and synthesize psychological findings.

Finally, students should be able to understand the relevance and applicability of psychological principles, approaches and findings to individual, group and social issues. In so doing, they will be prepared as educated citizens to pursue productive careers and engage on a daily basis with their increasingly complex, information-rich world.

Program Requirements

The minor in psychology consists of completing the 22 credit hours of course work in the foundations of psychology and the breadth within psychology categories described below. Six credit hours of upper-division (300 to 499 level) psychology course work must be completed through courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology.

Required Foundation Courses:
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology, SB (3)
PSY 230 Introduction to Statistics, CS (3)
PSY 290 Research Methods, L or SG (4)

Take one course each from four of the following five clusters:

PSY 325 Physiological Psychology (3)

Personality/Mental Health
PSY 315 Personality Theory and Research, SB (3)
PSY 366 Abnormal Psychology, SB (3)

PSY 320 Learning and Motivation (3)
PSY 323 Sensation and Perception (3)
PSY 324 Memory and Cognition (3)

PSY 341 Developmental Psychology, SB (3)

PSY 350 Social Psychology, SB (3)
PSY 351 Honors Social Psychology, L or SB (3)

Note: If a non-psychology statistics course is approved by the psychology department to substitute for PSY 230 Introduction to Statistics, an additional psychology course must be taken to complete the 22 credit hours of required psychology course work. Internship credit and teaching assistant credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement. For more information, please contact a psychology advisor.

Depending upon a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this minor.

Enrollment Requirements

Students who wish to pursue a minor in psychology may do so with the permission of the department, school or college of the major as well as the advisor in the Department of Psychology. An ASU student who is pursuing a degree at any ASU campus may elect to add a minor offered at any other ASU campus.

Students in most majors may pursue at least one minor and, upon successful completion of the prescribed course work, have that accomplishment officially recognized on the ASU transcript at graduation if the college or department of the minor officially certifies, through established verification procedures, that all requirements for the minor have been met and the college (and in certain colleges, the department) of the student's major allows the official recognition of the minor.

A student wishing to pursue a specific minor should consult an academic advisor in the unit offering that minor to ensure that an appropriate set of courses is taken. The student should also consult an academic advisor in the college or department of the major to make sure the college or department of the major allows the recognition of the minor.

Note: Certain major and minor combinations may be deemed inappropriate either by the college or department of the major or minor. Courses taken as part of a minor may not count toward both the major degree and the minor. Please contact the department for more information.

Contact Information
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Psychology Minor