Our New Initiative: Psych For Life

The Problem

Along your path from graduation to your current career, did you ever feel lost? Did you wish someone had been there to help guide you? Our alumni go into a wide variety of careers, ranging from behavioral health, medicine, and law, to human resources, statistics and sales.

Many of you switch paths throughout your journey, and even those of you that follow one path hit unforeseen obstacles along the way. We want to help. And with our access to research on the science of behavior, we are in a unique position to do so. This is why we are creating our new initiative, Psych for Life.

ALUMNI Announcement Video 2019 03 08

How you can help:

If you would like to serve as a mentor, host an internship, be filmed discussing your career, or help in any other way, please fill out the form below.

Financial Support

This ground-breaking program relies on philanthropy from our faculty and alumni donors to help support it, so if you are able to contribute, please click the link below.

Not only does every dollar help, but every minute of your time is invaluable to our students’ success. Together, we can help every ASU Psychology student and alumni find their path to a fulfilling career.

Donate to Psych For Life

Please select the Innovation and New Initiative Fund or the Department of Psychology Greatest Needs Fund from the drop-down menu. Both of these funds directly support Psych for Life and all the related initiatives, such as the Student Success Center. 

So what is Psych for Life?

It’s a research-based program designed to help you, our students and alumni, navigate your path throughout your life.

How will we do this?

  • We’ve begun interviewing a range of successful alumni about their careers, both about how psychology helped prepare them and about the struggles and challenges they faced along the way.
  • We’re building a network of alumni mentors to help guide students
  • And we’ve set up the student success center, which pairs successful undergraduate mentors with incoming students to help them succeed in their classes.
  • Additionally, we are arranging career and internship opportunities and are actively engaging our alumni to build a network within Phoenix and nationwide.
  • The student success center launched in the spring of 2019, and the alumni guidance videos will launch this September.
  • We’re making a lifelong commitment to help every one of our alumni.