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For a long time, Matthew Broussard has wanted to understand how childhood trauma can lead to substance abuse in adults. 

For some children, screen time before bed translates to less sleep.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread unemployment, remote working, school closures, business closures and overwhelmed health care systems.

Upcoming Events

Sun Devil Kids’ Camp

Sun Devil Kids’ Camps are fun-filled, week-long camps that can help your child stay active while developing skills and self-confidence! There are multiple ways to join in on the action this summer with camps that are full day or half-day. There is something for everyone! Try out one or all of our Sun Devil Kids’ Camps. Registration required. Link to register to come. 

Personal Financial Consultations with Fidelity

Meet with a financial consultant from Fidelity virtually or over the phone. Receive free, personalized advice, guidance and support to help make informed decisions regarding the following: 

  • Adequate investing to retire at the desired age.
  • Appropriate investing based on risk tolerance. 
  • Converting investments into steady income after retirement.
  • Meeting financial goals in retirement.

 Schedule an appointment online or call 800-642-7131.