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Roaring '20s-era physicist Ernest Rutherford is purported to have said, “It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid,” which is said to be the antecedent to Albert Einstein’s

The X-Men’s Professor Charles Xavier uses Cerebro to read minds. Arizona State University’s Gi-Yeul Bae “reads minds” by decoding the brain’s electrical activity.

There is now a device for almost everything, like smartwatches that ensure you never miss a text message and thermostats capable of learning how warm you like your living room.

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Featured Artist: Jeff Del Nero

The Polytechnic campus Library is pleased to showcase the work of local artist Jeff Del Nero. Along with running his own art business, Del Nero also is an instructor on design and illustration at Grand Canyon University. Del Nero's work, currently on display at the Polytechnic campus, included selections from both his Yellow Paper Series as well as his College Ruled Series.

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