Alumni Leadership Council

Deann Davies, Chair of Alumni Leadership Council

Jeanne Altman 

Kathy DeBoer, Senior Vice President, Chief Quality Officer

With over of 30 years of experience in Marketing Research, Kathy DeBoer has indirectly touched the lives of many Arizona residents. Kathy is well known for her expertise in public policy and has helped guide countless decisions affecting the quality of life in Arizona. Kathy also works with many private-sector clients, including advertising agencies, public relations firms, and WestGroup’s global clients.

 Neil Farber, MD, PhD, FAAP

Dr. Farber is a Volunteer Faculty and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology & Toxicology at the Medical College of Wisconsin and an adjunct Professor of Psychology at ASU. He's published over 175 abstracts, articles, book chapters and educational videos as well as four books on positive psychology. He has also published 38 articles for Psychology Today as an expert in their Happiness section.

Heather Fox 

Stephanie Heidler

Stephanie Heidler graduated from ASU in 1988 with a B.S. degree (minor in Psyhology and a major in Business).  Her first job after ASU was in Human Resources at America West Airlines starting in 1989.  Married in 1991, she moved to Florida and worked at Mayo Clinic for two years in Appointments until she relocated to San Diego in 1995 where Ms. Heidler worked in Commercial Real Estate until 1997 when she moved back to Arizona. After working as a kindergarten teacher’s aide at her daughters' school for 2 years, Ms Heidler decided to return to the medical field. Her original intent was to return to the Mayo Clinic in 2006 but they required a 2-year formal medical transcription training program. Undaunted, Ms Heidler received a 2-year medical transcription certificate in 2008 from Gateway Community College where she graduated with high honors and went on to transcribe for a small medical transcription company based out of Nebraska. She has been in Transcription/Correspondence at Mayo since October 2011 and loves every minute of it. Her ultimate plan is to move into Cancer Clinical Research focusing on Stem Cell Transplant. 

Kim Johnson

Jennifer Matz Kilian, Partner, Hit the Mark Consulting

Jennifer Kilian is an independent consultant, specializing in Organizational Change Management (OCM) and training for large business process changes and system implementations. She graduated from ASU in 1995 with a BA in Psycholgoy and currently lives in South Phoenix with her husband and four children.

Judy Smith Marshall, PhD

Dr. Judith M. Smith (Judy) was born and raised in Holbrook, AZ, Navajo County. She received her Ph.D. in psychology from ASU in 1969.  After graduating as an experimental psychologist, Dr. Smith began her career in academia and was associate professor of psychology at Manhattan College, NYC when she decided to pursue a career in industry. The majority of her career was spent working at the international headquarters of Warner Lambert Company where she became Director of Sensory and International Market Research.

Michelle May   

Lynn Robinson  

Michelle Weidner

Beverly Westgaard  

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