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In the field of social work, you will utilize your knowledge of human behavior to help clients with a variety of problems.

Understanding and working with a variety of people, you will need to understand how to better communicate and problem solve with your chosen population. A background in psychology will provide you with an in depth look into different age groups and how to work with them. 

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Mykah Sanchez

Social Worker, Department of Child Safety

How she became a Social Worker

Leslie Boag, MSW

Child Welfare Recruitment Coordinator Senior,
Arizona State University

How she became a Child Welfare Coordinator

Javier Campos

Child Welfare Manager, Unity Caring Hearts

How he became a Child Welfare Manager

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Social Worker

Social workers work in fields ranging from government agencies to hospitals and adoption agencies. Social workers manage their client's cases to ensure that they are all provided with the care and resources they need.

Recommended Classes:

  • SWU 171 - Introduction to Social Work
  • SWU 291 - Social Service Delivery Systems
  • SWU 295 - Foundations of Social Work Practice
  • PSY 341 - Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 370 - Interpersonal Relationships
  • PSY 344 - Directed Child Study 

Typical Salary: $42,000 - 60,000


  • Bachelor's degree in Social Work or a related field
  • For clinical positions you will need a Master's in Social Work
  • Licensing and certification requirements vary per states

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