Health and Coping Lab (Luecken)

Health and Coping Lab (Luecken)
Keywords: childhood adversity; cortisol; health; culture; self-regulation
Lab Area
Clinical Psychology
Lab Director
Linda J. Luecken, PhD
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Research conducted in The Health and Coping Lab examines developmental, cultural, and cognitive influences on stress, coping, and physical health. Our primary areas of focus include women’s health, infant health and development in low resource environments, mediators of physiological stress responses, and the influence of childhood adversity on biological stress systems and physical health in adulthood.

Lab Director and Principal Investigator: Linda J. Luecken, PhD, Professor

Dr. Luecken is a member of the clinical and developmental faculty. Her research interests broadly include health psychology; women and children's health; the impact of childhood adversity on cardiovascular and hormonal stress reactivity; and the biological and health benefits of early intervention. Dr. Luecken's program of research involves studies of perinatal health in low-income and ethnic minority women; long-term physiological and health correlates of childhood adversity; and risk and protective influences on the emergence of biological, behavioral, and emotional self-regulation in low income and ethnic minority children.

Doctoral Students


Lab Alumni

Rika Tanaka, PhD, 2015; University of Toronto
Nicole Mahrer, PhD, 2015; Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Danielle Roubinov, PhD, 2014; UCSF
Jenna Gress Smith, PhD, 2014; VA Medical Center, Phoenix
Melissa Hagan, PhD, 2013; SFSU
Catherine Purdom Marreiro, PhD 2013; Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, California Pacific Medical Center
Amy Kraft Mistler, PhD, 2010, VA Medical Center, Durham NC
Bradley Appelhans, PhD, 2006, Rush Medical Center
Adam McCray, PhD, 2005; VA Medical Center, Phoenix

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Select Publications

Below are a sample of recent publications from Dr. Luecken's research.

1.    Curci, S.G., Somers, J.A., Winstone, L, & Luecken, L.J. (in press). Within-dyad bidirectional relations among maternal depressive symptoms and child behavior problems from infancy through preschool. Development and Psychopathology.
2.    Curci, S.G., Hernandez, J., Winstone, L, Perez, M., & Luecken, L.J. (in press). Discrimination and depressive symptoms among Mexican American women: Exploring multi-level sociocultural moderators. Clinical Psychological Science.
3.    Somers, J., & Luecken, L.J. (in press). Prenatal programming of behavior problems via second-by-second infant emotion dynamics. Psychological Science.
4.    Tung,Y.C., Yap, Y.Y., Bei, B., Luecken, L.J., & Wiley, J.F. (in press). Resilience to early 
family risk moderates stress-affect associations: A 14-Day ecological momentary assessment study. Journal of Affective Disorders.
5.    Perez, M., Winstone, L.K., Hernandez, J.C., Curci, S.G., & Luecken, L.J. (2022). Association of BMI trajectories with cardiometabolic risk at age 7.5 years among low-income Mexican American children. Pediatric Research, 1-6.
6.    Perez, M., Winstone, L.K., Curci, S.G., Hernandez, J.C., Somers, J.A., & Luecken, L.J. (2022). Longitudinal associations between early child weight gain, parent feeding, child self-regulation, and later child BMI. Pediatric Obesity, 17(4), 1-10.
7.    Tung,Y.C., Yap, Y.Y., Bei, B., Luecken, L.J., & Wiley, J.F. (2022). A 14-day ecological momentary assessment study on whether resilience and early family risk moderates daily stress and affect on cortisol diurnal slope. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1-13.
8.    Perez, V., Gonzales, N.A., Tein, J.Y., Ibrahim, M.H., Luecken, L.J., & Losoya, S. (2021). Dispositional active coping predicts patterns of adolescent’s cortisol responsivity in the context of school-related stressors. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 1-12.
9.    Curci, S.G., Luecken, L.J., Perez, M., & White, R.M.B. (2021). Prenatal neighborhood ethnocultural context and the mental health of mothers and children in low-income Mexican American families. Child Development, 92, 1785-1800.
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13.    Yeo, A.J., Flagg, A., Lin, B., Crnic, K.A., Gonzales, N.A., & Luecken, L.J. (2021).The integrative model of family stress underlying Spanish and English vocabulary development in Mexican American children: unique effects of financial and sociocultural hardships. Developmental Psychology, 57, 1880-1892.
14.    Lin, B., Yeo, A.J., Luecken, L.J., and Roubinov, D.S. (2021). Effects of maternal and paternal postpartum depressive symptoms on infants’ parasympathetic regulatory development in low-income Mexican American families. Developmental Psychobiology, 63, 1436-1448.
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18.    Roubinov, D.S., Luecken, L.J., Curci, S.G., Somers, J.A., & Winstone, L.K. (2021). A prenatal programming perspective on the intergenerational transmission of maternal childhood adversity to offspring behavior problems. American Psychologist, 76, 337-345.
19.    Ibrahim M.H., Luecken, L.J, Jewell, S.L., Somers, J.A., &. Wolchik, S.A. (2021). Father supportive behaviors and offspring physical health perceptions 15 years after parental divorce. Family Court Review, 59, 294-308.
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