Behavioral Neuroscience Faculty

2024-25 Admission Recruitment by Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology Faculty

CORE FACULTY:   Bimonte-Nelson    Conrad    Gewirtz    Olive      Sanabria    Verpeut    Wynne    

Heather Bimonte Nelson, PhD, Professor. Research Interests: The objective of our research is to determine relationships between hormonal, cognitive, and neurobiological alterations during aging using animal models.  Research Projects/Lab: Neuroscience of Memory and Aging Laboratory.  ASU Experts Fingerprint

Cheryl D. Conrad, PhD, Professor, Barrett Honors Disciplinary Faculty. Research Interests: Our research studies investigate (1) morphological and functional changes in the hippocampus following chronic stress and (2) the mechanism(s) that underlie changes in hippocampal dendritic morphology following chronic stress to facilitate treatment strategies for cognitive improvement. Research Projects/Lab: Behavioral Neuroscience Research in Stress Laboratory  ASU Experts Fingerprint

Jonathan Gewirtz, PhD, Professor. Research Interests: He uses rodent behavioral models to study the biology of emotion, with particular interest in negative affect (e.g., anxiety) and addiction. His current research seeks to identify biological mechanisms underlying “secondary” trauma and vulnerability to opioid addiction.

Foster Olive, PhD, Professor and Behavioral Neuroscience Area Head. Research Interests: Drug Abuse. Research Projects/Lab: Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory.   ASU Experts Fingerprint

Federico Sanabria, PhD, Associate Professor. Research Interests: We study basic processes that are critical to understand human and non-human behavior. Research Projects/Lab: Basic Behavioral Processes Laboratory.  ASU Experts Fingerprint

Jessica Verpeut, PhD, Assistant Professor. Research Interests: Her research focuses on the influence of cerebellar activity during development on neocortical structure, social and flexible behavior utilizing whole-brain imaging and unsupervised behavior classification in rodent models.   Research Projects/Lab: Social Neurobiology Lab

Clive Wynne, PhD, Professor. Research Interests: I'm interested in the behavior and cognition of animals in general with a particular interest in dogs and other canid. Research Projects/Lab: Canine Science Collaboratory.  ASU Experts Fingerprint