Doctoral Admission Requirements

Doctoral Admission

The Department of Psychology offers graduate studies leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a master's in passing as part of the doctoral training program. Six basic areas of study form the core of the doctoral program:

Interactions among faculty and students across these areas are central to a variety of ongoing research and educational programs in the department. Faculty and students are also actively involved with a number of other centers, institutes and research groups on campus that promote transdisciplinary approaches to issues of local and national significance, affording outstanding research and training experiences that extend beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries.

If you are primarily interested in becoming a therapist or counselor please review our list of graduate programs in Arizona for clinical practitioner options in addition to considering a PhD in psychology.

We also strongly encourage you to explore the department's Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis as another possibility for becoming a practitioner. Please note, however, the MS ABA is a professional degree program and its curriculum will not progress students toward a PhD in the department's doctoral program areas.


The Doctoral Program Admission Instructions and Checklist provides details and a step-by-step overview to ensure you have successfully completed your application. See the Admission Requirements section below for a list of requirements by area and links to forms.

LAPSYQUPHD: plan code for our Quantitative program.
LAPSYCHPHD: plan code for our other 5 programs: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive Science, Developmental, and Social.

IMPORTANT: To be considered for PhD program, you must complete two applications: 1.) the ASU graduate application and 2.) the department Slideroom application.

Actively Recruiting Faculty for Fall 2025 

  • Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Quantitative Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Admission requirements

The Department of Psychology requires two applications for doctoral admission consideration: the ASU graduate application and a department application through a system called SlideRoom (links to each are below in the numbered list). SlideRoom requires a $10 fee per application. 

Please review the Checklist and PhD Applicant FAQ page to ensure you understand the process, required materials (can vary by training area), and where to find answers to common questions. 

Fall 2024 Required Applicant Materials

  1. ASU Graduate Admission Application
  2. Slideroom Department Application
  3. GRE score requirements are listed below by area for fall 2025 applicants. If required, send official scores to Graduate Admission Services and upload an unofficial copy into SlideRoom.
    1. Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology: optional
    2. Clinical Psychology: not required, but can be a supplemental item (optional)
    3. Cognitive Science: not required
    4. Developmental Psychology: not required, but can be a supplemental item (optional)
    5. Quantitative Research Methods: required
    6. Social Psychology: optional
  4. Statement of Purpose Form (must be uploaded to SlideRoom as a pdf)
    1. Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology’s form
    2. Clinical Psychology’s form
    3. Cognitive Science’s form
    4. Developmental Psychology’s form
    5. Quantitative Research Method’s form
    6. Social Psychology’s form
  5. Cover letter (optional) - for Developmental Psychology applicants only
    1. Developmental Psychology's form
  6. Supplemental items (optional; for Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology applicants only)

    Clinical Psychology (optional)
    We invite students to submit any materials that will help demonstrate their aptitude and skills. Examples of supplemental materials that can be submitted but are NOT REQUIRED are: 
    - published papers, 
    - senior honors theses, 
    - posters presented at conferences, 
    - GRE Psychology Subject Test or GRE General scores, or 
    - video-recorded presentations of research (please submit a YouTube link not the actual recording), etc.

    Developmental Psychology (optional)
    We encourage applicants to submit supplemental materials that demonstrate their preparation and readiness to succeed in a research-focused graduate program.  

    Supplemental materials that are accepted include any of the following: 
    1) GRE scores, 
    2) writing sample (published papers, senior honors theses, paper from research-focused course work), 
    3) presentation sample (poster or YouTube link to a recorded presentation), 
    4) quantitative measures of academic success (honors or awards) 

  7. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume (uploaded to SlideRoom as a pdf)
  8. Transcripts (upload an unofficial copy into SlideRoom and the ASU application, and if accepted you will be required to submit an official copy to the Graduate Admission Services)
  9. Three letters of recommendation (list references' contact info in SlideRoom application) 
  10. Proof of English Proficiency if applicable (send official scores to Graduate Admission Services and upload a copy into SlideRoom)

Link to SlideRoom

 Application Deadlines

Program Start Deadline
PhD, Psychology, (Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology Training Area) 9/1/2024 12/1/2024
PhD, Psychology (Clinical Training Area) 9/1/2024 12/1/2024
PhD, Psychology (Cognitive Science Training Area) 9/1/2024 12/5/2024
PhD, Psychology (Developmental Psychology Training Area) 9/1/2024 12/5/2024
PhD, Psychology (Quantitative Research Methods) 9/1/2024 12/5/2024
PhD, Psychology (Social Psychology Training Area) 9/1/2024 12/5/2024