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Faculty who are recruiting for Fall 2024

Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, PhD, leads the Child Emotion Center, where genetically-informed designs (both quantitative twin studies and molecular genetic studies) are used to understand risk and resilient developmental processes from infancy through young adulthood. We examine the role of early adversity and sociocultural resilience on outcomes including mental and physical health. Mechanisms include HPA axis, epigenetics, and emotional dysregulation. Current graduate students include Janna Pickett (jmpicke5@asu.edu), ), Alexys Murillo (asmuril1@asu.edu), and Savannah Ostner (sostner@asu.edu).

Kelsey Lucca, PhD, directs the Emerging Minds Lab. Research in the lab explores how infants and young children learn about the world around them. Current research areas include the development of curiosity, social cognition, and communication, as well as the role of social and cultural factors in shaping early cognitive development.  To conduct this research, our lab uses a variety of methodological approaches (e.g. behavioral experiments, naturalistic observations, looking-based paradigms) across a range of ages (birth – five years). Current graduate students in the lab are Nayen Lee (nlee50@asu.edu) and Elise Mahaffey (emahaff1@asu.edu).

Jinni Su, PhD, leads the Genes, Environment, and Youth Development Lab where research interests and projects center on understanding how genetic and environmental factors contribute to substance use and related behavioral and emotional health outcomes among adolescents and young adults of diverse racial-ethnic backgrounds. Current graduate students in the lab include Angel Trevino (adtrevin@asu.edu) and Belal Jamil (bjamil@asu.edu).

Other Developmental Faculty:

Viridiana Benitez, PhD (Learning and Development Lab): Our studies focus on understanding how attention, prediction, and memory processes play a role in young children's monolingual and bilingual word learning

Robert Bradley, PhD: Dr. Bradley is director of the Center for Child and Family Success. His research focuses on parenting, the home environment, socioeconomic and cultural influences on family processes and child development, earl education, child care and measurement of environments including the HOME Inventory and the Family Map. 

Leah Doane, PhD (Adolescent Stress and Emotion Lab): We use culturally and genetically informed designs to understand the dynamic daily interplay between socioemotional experiences (e.g., loneliness, coping) and indicators of health and well-being (including physiological stress processes and sleep) in the prediction of subsequent psychopathology, physical health and academic achievement. Current graduate students in the lab include: HyeJung Park (hpark100@asu.edu) and Jeri Sasser (jnsasse1@asu.edu). (Video: Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award)

Nancy Eisenberg, PhD: Dr. Eisenberg’s research expertise include emotion-related regulation and relations with adjustment and socio-emotional competence; moral and emotional development; altruism; empathy; socialization and cultural factors in emotion regulation/dysregulation; adjustment, social competence, prosocial responding, and developmental psychopathology.

William Fabricius, PhD (Theory of Mind/Father and Divorce Labs): Investigating how young children construct their concepts of the mental world (theory of mind) and the physical world (object permanence). I am also interested in the impact of father-child relationships on children’s long term physical health, and in changing social policy for divorced fathers and children

Thao Ha, PhD, directs the @HEART lab. We study the development of adolescent and young adult romantic relationships and aim to better understand how relationship experiences contribute to emotional and behavioral health. Our newest research focuses on how adolescents use social media in their romantic relationships and friendships. Current graduate students include Selena Quiroz (squiroz1@asu.edu) and Olivia Maras (omaras@asu.edu).

Frank J. Infurna, PhD, leads the Lifespan Development Lab where the lab’s research interests and projects focus on examining resilience to major life stressors and psychosocial predictors of healthy aging in adulthood and old age. Current Graduate Students in the lab are Saul Castro (saul.castro@asu.edu) and Nutifafa Dey (nedey@asu.edu).

Marisol Perez, PhD (Body Image Research and Health Disparities): Research in the lab explores the genetic, biological, psychophysiological, cultural and environmental underpinnings of body image and eating behavior in its development towards unhealthy lifestyles. We continuously translate our basic science research into clinical applications that can improve the health and quality of life of people across the life span

Armando Pina, PhD (Courage Lab): Studies factors responsible for the developmental course of anxiety in children and adolescents and developing interventions that test theoretical mechanisms implicated in child and family change.

Developmental Faculty