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Community Research Participation

Research Participation

Scientific research is continuously being conducted across the department's 40+ labs — many of these studies need research participants and several offer opportunities to earn money for participating. As a research participant, your identity would always be safeguarded and kept completely confidential. All research activities at ASU must meet federal regulations for the protection of participants to ensure ethical treatment, voluntary participation, and the protection of your rights as a research subject. For more information about research participation, visit ASU's Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

Click below to find a research project that interests you and help us advance the science of mind, brain and behavior!

Research Opportunities:

Arizona Twin Project (Lemery-Chalfant):

  • Looking for participants aged 6-12 that are twins in the Arizona area
  • The Arizona Twin Project is a longitudinal research study focused on understanding the influence of genetic and environmental factors on physical health, emotional development and the development of resilience in a sample of twins.
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Canine Cognition Lab (Wynne):

  • If you have a dog and would like to volunteer him/her for our research, sign up here!
  • Volunteer Here

Learning and Development Lab (Benitez)

  • Sign your child up to become a child scientist at ASU! we invite families with children under 7 years of age to sign up and participate in our research. Participation is voluntary. Our studies focus on understanding how children learn about the world around them. Visit our website for more information!
  • Sign up here 

Neuroscience of Memory and Aging Lab

  • The research goals of our laboratory are to characterize the cognitive and brain changes that occur during aging, as well as to develop behavioral and pharmacological strategies to attenuate mnemonic and neurobiological age-related alterations.
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REACH Institute Family Check-up

  • The Family Check-Up, a highly successful family-counseling program, is currently being offered at a reduced cost to families with children between the ages 2 and 18 at the Arizona State University Clinical Psychology Center. 
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