Future of Education for Virtual and Augmented Reality (FEVAR) 

FEVAR is a special interest group that brings together students and faculty with a common interest in the potential for enhancing education and training through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (commonly called XR). The group connects participants with new opportunities, shares knowledge, and serves to create transdisciplinary partnerships in research.

Chair: Dr. Mina C. Johnson Glenberg

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Team members:


Upcoming Meetings:

 All meetings are in Mina Johnson-Glenberg’s ZOOM room


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             Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

            US: +1 602 753 0140  or +1 720 928 9299      Meeting ID: 536 890 6223

            International numbers available: https://asu.zoom.us/u/keZPeah6U


Future of Education in Virtual and Augmented Reality (FEVAR) Talk Series Spring 2023

Meet in SCOB 316 or in Dr. Johnson-Glenberg’s Zoom Room


Wednesdays - usually at 3PM MST


Future of Education in Virtual and Augmented Reality (FEVAR) Talk Series Spring 2023

XR emerging technologies in education (Dr. Iulian Radu)

Dr. Iulian Radu

XR Emerging Technologies in Education

Principal Research Scientist - Graduate School of Education, Harvard University

Presenting experiments and results of research using AR for STEM education.

Youtube (presentations and demos) 


Website (all my projects) http://iulianr.com/

Dr. Peter Gerjets

Key Lab Members

Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien - Multimodal Interaction Lab

Univerity of Tübingen, Germany


Student-driven AR and VR projects (Dr. Robert LiKamWa) 

Dr. Robert LiKamWa 

Director of Meteor Studio, ASU

School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE)

Presenting student-driven research and design projects in AR and VR, including production of new sensory affordances in smell and haptics, and explorations of new use cases in data-driven storytelling and sensemaking.  https://meteor.ame.asu.edu/

VR, biometrics and wearables (Dr. Aurel Coza) 

Dr. Aurel Coza 

Dr. Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg

Aurel - Director Center for Engagement Science at Ira Fulton School of Engineering.

Presenting on VR, biometrics and wearables.

ASU Center for Engagement Science


Mina – Director of the Embodied Games Lab in the Psychology Department. 

Presenting on optimal design principles for educational VR and how biometrics can be used to further assess engagement and cognitive load. 


Improving VR and MR user experience (Dr. Lila Bozgeyikli)

Dr. Lila Bozgeyikli

University of Arizona's School of Information, and co-director of the Extended Reality and Games (XRG) Lab. 

Presenting on lab research including:

Novel interaction methods to improve user experience in virtual and mixed reality

Increasing the sense of presence through real/virtual objects, and improving social presence in multiplayer VR through rendering HMD-wearing user's eyes on a headset

Leveraging VR for rehabilitation of veterans with traumatic brain injury  https://ischool.arizona.edu/xrg-lab

AR interactions with dynamic holograms (Dr. Candace Walkington)

Dr. Candace Walkington

Southern Methodist University

Associate Professor

Presenting on how AR allows learners to interact with dynamic holograms layered over real-world scenes, providing important opportunities for embodiment and collaboration. She will also present her research on designing and testing a multi-user AR environment for secondary school geometry where students collaboratively interact with 2D and 3D shapes.


Using VR for construction safety (Dr. Steven K. Ayer)

Dr. Steven K. Ayer

Karan Patil 

Del E. Webb School of Construction

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, ASU

Steve will present on recent construction content with XR in his lab. Karan will present on the design of, and some results from, a VR simulation he created to train in construction safety.

They invite FEVAR attendees to come to their center before or after the talk and experience their VR/haptic scenario; contact Karan.Patil@asu.edu for more info.

Watch the Series Talk on-demand.