Neuroscience Research Labs

The following labs are available for students who are interested in participating in Neuroscience research: 

Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory (Olive) - Behavioral Neuroscience

Autism and Aging Lab (Braden)

Behavioral Neuroscience of Memory & Aging (Bimonte-Nelson) - Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience Research in Stress (Conrad) - Behavioral Neuroscience

The Communication and Imaging Lab (Rogalsky) - School of Life Sciences

Decision Neuroscience Lab (McClure) - Cognitive Science

Drug and Addiction Lab (Niesewander ) - School of Life Sciences

Memory and Attention Control Lab (Brewer) - Cognitive Science

Newbern Research Lab - School of Life Sciences

The SOCIAL Neurobiology lab (Verpeut) - Behavioral Neuroscience

The Smith Lab Brian Smith 

Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (Bae) - Cognitive Science

Visuomotor Learning Lab (Buneo) - School of Life Sciences

Steve Helms Tillery

Candace Lewis - Translational Genomics Research Institute

Tamiko Azuma

Marco Santello

Jamie Tyler