Internship Participation

Internship Interest Form

Psychology internship eligibility and requirements:

  • be pursuing a BA or BS in the Department of Psychology (Tempe campus)
  • have completed at least 45 credit hours at time of application
  • have junior standing (at least 56 credit hours) at time of internship
  • have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA

PSY 484 internship credit requirements:

  • all internships must be approved by the internship coordinator
  • an internship must provide opportunities that are related to the application of psychological principles
  • an internship must be supervised by a full-time employee at the site who is qualified to mentor interns
  • the internship dates must coincide with the semester calendar
  • internships cannot be paid
  • internships may partially fulfill the "Additional Psychology Course Requirements"
  • an internship course is pass/fail and requires at least 135 hours of student work

The internship process:

Identify a site that interests you and register for the PSY 484 internship experience.

Step 1. Discover

  • review course information regarding eligibility and requirements for PSY 484 credit
  • identify your goals: review the Career Services STEPS Career Guide and complete up to page 61

Step 2. Prepare

  • prepare or polish your resume and tailor for each application
  • prepare a cover letter and tailor for each application
  • meet with an ASU Career Advisor or submit your resume and cover letter through the Resume Dropbox
  • research three to five potential sites

Step 3. Contact
Contact the internship site to discuss the position and compile all the necessary documentation, including:

Step 4. Finalize
Meet with your PSY 484 instructor for internship authorization and course approval prior to registering for PSY 484. You MUST have the required documents signed and completed from Step 3 (above) before course registration can be approved.  NOTE:  Late adds are not available for the internship experience.