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Enrich your education with an undergraduate degree in psychology

If you’re ready to discover the human mind, brain and behavior, the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus welcomes you. Our undergraduate degree programs are designed to expose you to fascinating topics including empathy motivators, mental health risk factors, behavioral consequences of stress and so much more. We’ll help prepare you for graduate school or for a successful career in the field of psychology as a caseworker, child development specialist, mental health worker, victims’ advocate or many other great jobs.

Your undergraduate journey in psychology starts with your application to join our department. During the application process, you’ll declare a major or minor in psychology or psychological science at the Tempe campus.

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Determine which undergraduate degree program is right for you

In the Department of Psychology, we offer a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Science in psychological science. While our undergraduate degree programs are similar, each can be adapted to fit you within the required curriculum.

If you want a more intensive language focus, the Bachelor of Arts in psychology may be right for you. You’ll be prepared to pursue a master’s degree or enter your career field of choice after graduation. If you’re interested in a more intensive math and science focus, the Bachelor of Science in psychology or in psychological science may better meet your needs. You’ll be well positioned for advanced research and doctoral degree study once your undergraduate degree is complete.

Admission requirements and deadlines for undergraduates

The admission requirements and application deadlines for our undergraduate degree programs in psychology may vary for incoming freshmen, transfer students and international students. We encourage you to read your program details carefully and speak with an advisor for further assistance. Browse ASU’s admission websites for additional information on prerequisites, requirements and deadlines for your specific needs.

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We look forward to having you join the Department of Psychology at ASU’s Tempe campus. If you have any questions regarding undergraduate admission, degree programs, application deadlines or anything in between, please call 480-965-7258 or email psych.advisor@asu.edu.

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