Financial Support and Costs

Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis: Costs and Financial Information

In addition to ASU graduate school tuition, the Masters of Science in applied behavior analysis program requires a program fee of $2,500 per fall/spring semesters and $2,000 for each summer session A and B between program years one and two. However, students also receive small stipends on an hourly basis for providing direct services during the practicum experience.

The program fee ensures that our students will have over 1500 hours of training and supervision in qualified clinical settings across every semester of the master's program. This fee essentially replaces the monetary and time costs that students would otherwise have to pay for themselves if our program did not offer the 1,500 hours of practicum necessary for certification and licensure. As a graduate of Psychology's applied behavior analysis master's degree, you will have the potential to earn a significantly higher salary as a licensed practitioner and most likely be employed more quickly since licensed practitioners are highly sought in the job marketplace.

Financial assistance for graduate study is available through several Federal loan options including Perkins; Stafford; and the Federal Direct Plus Loan program for graduate and professional students. Noted above, graduate students enrolled in the master's program may earn a small stipend related to their practicum training hours.

Opportunities for additional funding are also offered by the Department of Psychology as awards in recognition of excellence and exceptional scholarship. These awards include one $1,500 scholarship each year to an outstanding rising second year student and up to three awards of $1,000 each for the most outstanding capstone projects.