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The mission of Psychology's MS ABA program is to ensure that our graduates will experience the breadth and depth of applied behavior analysis from an evidence-based, scientific perspective through their coursework and from hands-on, clinical experience through their practicum training. Our program is purposefully designed to not train specialists in a targeted area of study – rather, our graduates will acquire knowledge and skill sets about ABA interventions across industries, individual development, applications, and age groups. As such, our practicum placement program provides 2000 hours of training with various populations through a range of settings and treatment modalities. 

Students are hired as employees of the practicum sites, and as such, are subject to scheduling by the practicum site. Practicum sites are expected to allow students to attend class per the current semester schedule.

In addition, all students are required to enroll each semester in the ABA Practicum course which meets every one to two weeks. Not only do students receive additional case supervision from a licensed ABA faculty member but PSB 580/PSB 583 (summer) is also an opportunity for students to present and discuss their cases using a Grand Rounds model, an important teaching and learning tool within clinical graduate training.

The practicum experience course and placements are ONLY available to students enrolled in Psychology's MS ABA program.

Year 1, Practicum Placement #1: For Practicum Placement #1, students and practicum partner locations are matched based on the student’s rank order list of desired experience/location, and the practicum partner location’s ranked list of students. Every student in the program is assured of a practicum placement although a student's choice cannot be guaranteed. Practicum Placement #1 begins Fall semester and lasts through the entire Fall and Spring semesters.  (Total length of placement: approximately 8 months)

April Match Day: For Practicum Placement #2, students and practicum locations again participate in a match. Every student in the program is assured of a practicum placement although a student's choices cannot be guaranteed.

Year 2, Practicum Placement #2: Practicum training begins the first week of Summer Session A and continues through the last week of Spring semester of the following year at the student’s matched practicum location. (Total length of placement: approximately 12 months).

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