ABA Program Faculty

Our program's faculty provide the expertise, specialization, and years of experience across a range of content and research areas to ensure the best academic graduate training that can only be found at a top-tier psychology department in a research-intensive university.  Many of our faculty are also Professors of Practice who not only teach our courses but are active practitioners in Arizona's ABA community.  ASU Psychology's MS ABA program is committed to providing the best possible education in the science and theory of psychological principles of learning, motivation, and behavior to ensure that all of our graduate students become tomorrow's practitioner-scientist leaders of applied behavior analysis. 

Donald M. Stenhoff, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA; Director, MS ABA Program
Courses: PSB 510 Basic Principles of Experimental Analysis of Behavior; PSB 530 Behavioral Observation and Functional Assessment

Lorraine Becerra, PhD, BCBA-D; Clinical Asst Professor
Courses: PSB 501 Basic Principles of ABA, PSB 598

Federico Sanabria, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience;  
Courses: PSB 573 Advanced Principles of Learning and Analysis of Behavior; PSB 593 Capstone

Adam D. Hahs, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA; Vice President of Clinical Services at Hopebridge  
Courses: PSB 501 Basic Principles of ABA; PSB 580 ABA Practicum; PSB 511 Advance Research Methods in ABA; PSB 593 Capstone