Applied Behavior Analysis Remote Simulcast Option

This is a fully immersive, synchronous experience that the on-ground program experiences and the grading/expectations are the same. 

For questions about this option, please email Don Stenhoff


  • We will work with you to identify an acceptable practicum placement in your area such that you are able to complete the necessary practicum hour requirements per the program. 
  • Unfortunately, international students are unable to participate remotely due to visa-related policies.

Technology requirements:

Students will need to have functional internet that can sustain a Zoom broadcast. They will also need a computer with a web camera and a functioning microphone. For specifics, please visit the ASU Zoom requirements page. 

Common Questions:

  • Is this part of ASUOnline?
    • No, this is the same immersive program as the on-ground program and students will have the same classes, assignments, tests, and requirements. The program costs will remain the same as the on-ground program. 
  • What does virtual simulcast mean?
    • Courses will be provided virtually via Zoom and in real-time, such that students have an immersive experience with the instructor and the on-ground students. This allows students located outside of Tempe, AZ to enroll in the program. 
  • What are some of the benefits of a virtual simulcast option?
    • Many individuals interested in graduate programs don’t have the resources to quit their jobs to attend a graduate training program in person. This option provides students with the opportunity to harness the many perks of the on-campus program (e.g., program rigor, high-level instruction/training, a sense of comradery with peers) while maintaining employment and/or not having to move.
  • Do I need to attend classes as they are occurring or can I view the class at a later time/date?
    • Unless given approval from the instructor of record, all students are expected to participate in the live class. Attendance is reported and important for overall success in the program. 
  • Does the virtual simulcast option meet the BACB 5th Edition requirements as a Verified Course Sequence (VCS)?
    • Yes
  • Are there specific technical/equipment requirements I need to participate?
    • Laptop or desktop computer with reliable internet access, a microphone, and camera; Zoom capability
  • What happens if I my internet becomes unstable or stops working altogether during a class?
    • All classes will be recorded, and requests for access to recordings will be determined on case-by-case basis.

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