Early Start Psychology

Your college career begins now

We’re excited to welcome you to your new academic home in the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University!

Our number one priority is your success so we hope you'll join us for our free, two-week immersion program. You’ll join fellow Department of Psychology majors as you embark on a journey to understand the importance of studying the mind, brain and behavior. From exploring (and holding) a human brain to watching a film with psychological themes, you’ll experience a lively, engaging and thought-provoking degree program designed to create a pathway to success for you.

Explore your major in depth

Psychology, BA

Psychology, BS

About our program

The 2019 Psychology Early Start: Mysteries of the Mind program offers students a unique introduction to, and exploration of, the study of psychology at ASU Tempe including the courses, STEM careers and the contributions psychology continuously makes toward understanding the human mind, brain and behavior. At Early Start, you will:

  • Identify how psychology is a fit for you
  • Meet the scientists and experts involved in leading edge psychological research
  • Connect with advisors, alumni, current psychology majors, and new friends
  • Learn what to expect from ASU, how to master your courses, create successful strategies for taking exams, and become familiar with the campus and all of the resources that are available to you
  • Experience field trips to the AZ Science Center and to Psychology internship sites
  • Participate in campus activities

Our Early Start team

During Early Start, you’ll work with dedicated faculty members, upper class students and advisors who are eager to help you succeed at ASU and as a Psychology major. You’ll also get to know your professors and mentors on a personal and professional level so you’ll be more confident asking for help during the school year.

The Get Psyched Team:

 Dr. Carolyn Cavanaugh-Toft
 Principal Lecturer, Department of Psychology
 Expertise: Clinical Psychology
 Fall 2020 PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology instructor
 Dr. Eric Amazeen
 Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
 Department of Psychology
 Expertise: Cognitive Developmental Psychology


During Early Start, you can expect to be busy each day throughout the entirety of the program.
And we promise — you won’t be sitting and falling asleep in a classroom all day!

Sunday, August 2 - Friday, August 14 

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily (including weekends)
Evening activities through the program
All meals included