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What can I do with a degree in Psychology or Neuroscience? 

Welcome to the Department of Psychology Academic Advising Office! 

We advise Tempe campus Psychology majors and both Tempe campus and ASU Online Neuroscience majors. Your advisors are available Monday through Friday by appointment or open advising availability.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have!

Schedule An Appointment:

  • Select the Make an Appointment button above.
  • You will be redirected to our booking website where you can schedule with one of our Academic Advisors.
  • Appointments can be held in person, over the phone, or on Zoom.
  • Pay close attention to time zones – all appointments show in Arizona time – you may need to do the conversion to your time zone if you are not in Arizona.

If you cannot make an appointment, we have Open Advising hours throughout the week.

Open Advising Hours:

  • Come in (Psychology Building, room 202) or call (480-965-7258) to join the queue.
    • Please be prepared to leave your name, ASU ID#, and call back phone number.
  • These sessions can also be held in person, over the phone, or on Zoom.
  • Use the Advising Calendar link above to view our Open Advising Hours.
  • The queue is on a first come/first serve basis regardless of the preferred method of contact.
  • You will still have the option to request a specific advisor if you want to meet with them (this may result in longer wait times).

Our office is located at the Tempe campus in the Psychology building across from Psychology North, and diagonal to the Tyler Street parking garage. We are in room 202 on the second floor. 


  • You can email us for administrative requests
    • Overloads (taking more than 18 credit hours in the semester)
    • Course Overrides – with attached professor permission
      • Section full 
      • Course prerequisites
    • Post a minor
    • Questions that don’t immediately impact your fall semester

About Advising

Arizona State University's Department of Psychology has one of the best psychology advising teams in the country. Our advisors are here for you every step of the way — to answer questions, offer advice and to celebrate your successes. Watch this video to learn more about our promise to you: Psych for Life! 

Check out these advising documents:  

Advising Calendar  |   Make an appointment


You can schedule an appointment with an advisor through our online appointment scheduler. Check out the advising calendar above to view our appointment advising hours and open advising hours.

The Psychology Undergraduate Student Center (Advising) is located on the Tempe campus in the Psychology Building, Room 202. Click here for a map.

ASU Tempe Department of Psychology majors: call or email us. For general questions, call 480-965-7258. Psychology Advising is here to assist you!

Open advising sessions are a first come, first served basis. Just check in at the front desk, and you can meet with an advisor to discuss your advising questions.

Scheduled advising appointments are 30 minutes and are encouraged for students who have an academic hold, need career/grad school planning, or have questions about academic success strategies or how to get involved at ASU and the department. Students can also see an advisor to learn how to transfer to ASU’s psychology degree program; inquire about research opportunities, and find out about internships.

Click here for more information about obtaining a minor in Psychology and its program requirements.


Advising Team

Team Psych Advising

Dawn Phelps

Dawn PhelpsMA, Assistant Director of Academic Services

Dawn has been advising at ASU for the past 21 years and in the Psych Department for the last 12. Dawn coordinates the Advising office and Academic Services available to undergraduate Psychology students.   She received her BA in Psychology from the U of A and her MA in Counseling from Chapman University. She enjoys watching each student begin their academic career and grow into a confident and engaged member of the ASU and Psychology community.


Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown,  Academic Success Advising Coordinator

Kellie is originally from Wisconsin and has lived in Arizona for the past 7 years. She did her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Arizona. She has been working in higher education for the past 3 and a half years in roles such as a success and life coach, student services coordinator, and as an academic advisor. Kellie has a passion for working with and helping students achieve their academic goals and is proud to be a part of the ASU community. Kellie has a dog named Bubba, is recently married, and enjoys cooking and exercising. 


Amanda Ryan

Amanda Ryan,  Academic Success Advising Coordinator

Amanda is an Arizona native and a former Sun Devil. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science from ASU and her Master’s degree in Student Affairs Counseling from NAU. She has worked in higher education for the past three years and enjoys helping students reach their goals and discover their passions. Amanda enjoys crocheting, baking, and spending time with her friends and family.



Lisa Brady,  Academic Success Specialist, Sr.

Lisa is originally from Iowa and moved to Arizona with her family when she  was in elementary school. She completed her undergrad degree in  Psychology from the University of the Pacific and her M.S in Counseling  Psychology from Springfield College in Massachusetts.  She has worked  with students who were in High School, Community College and on the  University level as well as with professional athletes.  Lisa has been  working with University students in Arizona as an Academic Advisor for the  past eight years and loves being part of their learning experience at such  an exciting and pivotal time in their lives.  She enjoys mountain and road  biking, reading and spending time with her family and two dogs.



Audra Attaway,  Academic Success Advisor

Audra was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona and is proud to be a part of the Sun Devil Community. She earned her Associates from Arizona Western College, completed her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Northern Arizona University – Yuma, and her MSW from The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Audra previously worked in higher education through the TRIO-KEYS Program at Arizona Western College as an Academic Support Coordinator. She also has experience in working in Public Policy and Advocacy, as well as in the Non-Profit sector. Audra is a huge Taylor Swift fan, enjoys hiking and kayaking in the Prescott area with her family, cheering on the Diamondbacks at baseball games, and listening to podcasts about history, myths, legends, and royalty.



Allison Reynolds,  Academic Success Advisor

Allison is an Arizona native and loyal Sun Devil. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Bachelor’s in Secondary Education (History) from ASU and is currently working on her Masters in Psychology with ASU. She spent the last eight years as a high school psychology and history teacher. Allison loves working with all students to help them succeed in their academic and personal pursuits and being able to guide them with each step toward their achievements. Allison enjoys traveling, tacos, and music with her fiancé and her dog Ellie.



Andrea Cave,  Academic Success Advisor

Andrea is originally from Virginia, but settled in Arizona in high school after traveling as a military dependent. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at ASU in 2016 and has worked in administration for a total of eight years. She is passionate about organization, education, outreach, and helping others succeed. Andrea is excited to utilize her experience and knowledge as a part of the team in the Department of Psychology at ASU.



Cat Ortega,  Academic Programs Coordinator Senior

Cat is a Sun Devil who earned her associate degree in Psychology, Social and Behavioral Science, and Social and Personality. She also earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology and is currently in the Graduate Program in Forensic Psychology, she has worked in administration management for over ten years. Cat spends her spare time working with high school students and caregiving with senior citizens. Her hobbies are bodybuilding, cooking, and watching movies, and spending time with her son and 3 cats.



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New and prospective Department of Psychology students:

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Academic success issues and concerns:



Experiential learning opportunities:

Other issues and concerns:


How can I reach an advisor with general questions?
Students are welcome to email or call 480-965-7258 during open advising hours with any general questions. You can also email your advisor at their specific email address. Be sure your message includes your name, ASU ID#, phone number and a brief message. An advisor will return your email or phone call within two business days.

Where can I find Psychology/Neuroscience Advising?
The Psychology Undergraduate Student Center (Advising) is located on the Tempe campus in the Psychology Building, Room 202. The Department of Psychology advisors are available for those students majoring in neuroscience (online or Tempe campus) and psychology at the ASU Tempe campus.

What is a DARS?
DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) is an automated report that provides all of your degree requirements and places the classes you take into their relevant areas of study. Once every requirement is filled, you can graduate.  Undergraduate students should also review their degree audits with their academic advisors. You can view your degree audit from My ASU by selecting Degree Programs under My Programs and then clicking on Degree Audit (DARS). This will directly take you to the DARS Self-Service home page where you can request your audit by selecting Run Default Programs. Bring questions you have concerning the degree audit to your advising session.

How do I declare a minor in psychology?

How do I declare a psychology or neuroscience major in the Department of Psychology?
If you have questions about the psychology major at Tempe campus or the neuroscience program, please schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the program. You can schedule an appointment online. Once you have decided to change your major, you can submit the request through the Changing Majors website.

How do I add a concurrent degree?
Review the Concurrent Degree website. Once you’ve decided on which degree you want to declare as concurrent, you can submit the request through the website. If you have questions, please schedule an appointment with an advisor or meet with an advisor during open advising hours. When choosing your concurrent degree, also review the incompatible degree list.

I am a new, first-time freshman need to have the Advising Liberal Arts hold removed before I can register.
Welcome to ASU and the Department of Psychology! All in-coming freshman are strongly encouraged to attend New Student Orientation. Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email and messaging on your My ASU about your next steps to completing your enrollment. Please follow the To Do items on your My ASU.  First Year Students in The College are advised in Armstrong Hall. Specific questions can be directed to 480-965-6506.

I am a new transfer student and need to have the Advising Liberal Arts hold removed before I can register.
You need to meet with an academic advisor to get your hold removed. You will receive messaging on your My ASU with next steps to get enrolled for your first semester at ASU. Follow those To Do items to meet with an advisor and get the hold removed for registration. 

How do I register for classes?
You register for classes via My ASU by clicking on the class search link in the My Classes box. This Registering for Classes video will assist you in learning the process to enroll in classes. Check out the schedule of classes to see what classes are being offered and to add classes to your shopping cart.

The course for which I want to register is reserved (has a green triangle).
Review the reserved seat information by clicking on the class since these types of courses are reserved for a specific student population. If you meet the reserve criteria, then you can add the class to your class schedule. If you do not meet the reserve criteria, then you generally cannot add the class. Please note that some classes have a “reserve until date” which means any remaining seats will be released to the entire student population on the specified date and you may be able to enroll in the class at that time. NOTE: All iCourse sections will be reserved for “On campus students” – if you attend ASU in person, you are included in that reserve population.

The course for which I want to register is closed (red X).
The red X means the class is filled. Keep monitoring the class to see if a seat becomes available since class seating may change up until the drop/add deadline. Please note there are no wait lists for classes at ASU and it's recommended you have alternative courses in mind during registration. Be flexible and choose another class if you cannot get the one you want.

How do I request a class override for a psychology or neuroscience course offered by the Department of Psychology?
Section-full class override: you can email the instructor of the course and ask if a class override is possible for a course that is already full. If you receive approval for a Section-full class override, send the email approval from the instructor to for review.

Prerequisite class override: you can email the instructor of the course and ask for permission to register for a class in which you do not meet listed class prerequisites. If you receive instructor approval for a prerequisite class override, then send the email approval to for review.

How do I request a class override for a psychology course offered at other ASU campuses?
Psychology courses are offered by different colleges on other ASU campuses. Click on the course in Class Search and find "offered by" to determine the college/campus for other psychology classes. If you have further questions about the course or class override procedures for the course, contact the respective college below:

I am still unable to register for a psychology or neuroscience course and I am receiving an error message.
Meet with a psychology advisor for an appointment or open advising or contact us at (480) 965-7258 to assist you further with your class registration issue.

How do I register for more than the allowed credit hours?
Students are permitted to register for up to 18 total credit hours without restrictions during the fall and spring semesters. Students are able to register for 9 credit hours in session A and session B without restriction. If you would like to register for more than 18 total credit hours or more than 9 credit hours in session A or session B, review the The College credit overload guidelines and meet with an advisor to discuss your course overload request.

How do I take a course for the 3rd time?
You will need to petition to request approval to take a class for a third time. Review and complete the Petition to Repeat Coursework a Third or Fourth Time (link is under “Standards Committee Petition”). Next, email the petition to for review.

My cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 and I need to have the Liberal Arts Advising hold removed.
Students are placed on academic probation when their ASU cumulative GPA drops below 2.00 at the end of the fall or spring semester. Department of Psychology major students on probation must complete the Academic Success Planner modules in Canvas.  Links to the Canvas sites are available for both on campus and online students are available here. Once completed, email your advisor or to notify the advising team. 

I am Off Track one term and need to have the eAdvisor hold removed. 
Schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor in Psychology. For additional information, call 480-965-7258 or email Be sure to include your name, ASU ID# and phone number.

I am Off Track two terms and must change my major.
You do not need to meet with a Department of Psychology advisor. Review the information on How to Change your Major and then contact an academic advisor in the department or school of your new major.

How do I withdraw from a course?
Before withdrawing from a course, review the following information and then schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor in the Department of Psychology to discuss your situation and options. Between the drop/add deadline and the 10th week of a fall or spring semester C session class, students can withdraw from any class and receive a grade of "W." Classes with alternate beginning or ending dates (such as session A or B or summer classes) have an adjusted withdrawal deadline. Students can request a course withdrawal online by signing into MyASU. Click on the “Registration” link in the appropriate semester and then choose “Drop/Withdraw”. Detailed instructions can be found online. Consult the Tuition Refund Policy to determine whether withdrawing will or will not generate a tuition refund. NOTE:  If you are receiving financial aid or a scholarship, check with the office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services; withdrawing from a course may affect your aid/scholarship.

How do I withdraw from all of my classes? 
Students can request a complete withdrawal from the university until the semester transaction deadline. Consult the Academic Calendar for appropriate deadline dates. Complete withdrawals should be viewed as a last resort since there may be serious academic and financial consequences in processing a complete withdrawal. Making a complete withdrawal from the university can be a difficult decision and ASU has many resources to help you. For more information on complete withdrawals, see Complete Session Withdrawal Information – The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  

I am looking for a research lab to complete PSY 399 or PSY/NEU 499.
Review the Research Opportunities webpage. Be sure to click on the title of the lab to view more about the research and who to contact. Contact the lab asking if they have availability and if you can meet with them for more information. Once you have been approved to work in a lab, submit the application form (available from the lab) by email to

I am interested in the PSY/NEU 484 internship course.
The Department of Psychology is committed to providing students with an opportunity to complete an internship for course credit. Internships provide students with skills and experiences that will enhance their educational and career prospects. For more information about these opportunities, review the Department of Psychology Internship webpage.

I am interested in a PSY 384/NEU 394 undergraduate teaching assistant opportunity.
Undergraduate teaching assistant opportunities are offered by instructor consent. Contact a professor with whom you may be interested in working. If the professor approves your placement, complete the Application for Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship and submit to the Psychology Undergraduate Student Center

How do I change my major out of psychology or neuroscience?
You do not need to meet with a Department of Psychology advisor. Review the information on How to Change your Major and then contact an academic advisor in the department or school of your new major. If you know the major you want, use the Academic Advising Directory to contact an advisor in that department and schedule an appointment.

I would like information about careers in psychology and neuroscience.
There are several resources available to learn about career fields within the field of psychology and neuroscience. Review the information on our Careers page.

Who do I contact concerning financial aid or scholarships?
Contact a Financial Aid Counselor at: 855-278-5080.


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