Food Safety Policy

Adhering to ASU's Food Safety Policy, the Department of Psychology ensures that all ASU campus events with food and/or beverages must be catered by a university-contracted food service provider or an approved outside vendor.

Before your event, external vendors providing food and/or beverage must gain approval and hold a valid license or permit within their jurisdiction.

Menu inclusions

This policy covers a spectrum, ranging from small items like donuts, bottled water and soft drinks to casual dining options such as sandwiches and pizzas, and extends to fully prepared and catered meals.

Event applicability

Whether it's a lab meeting, team-building event or an end-of-year celebration, if your event involves providing food on a campus facility, it falls under ASU's health and safety guidelines.

Policy exceptions

For off-campus meetings without food return, this policy doesn't apply. If dining out with reimbursement or a P-card, it is recommended to review the restaurant's food safety practices.

Quick tip:

For all your shelf-stable and pre-packaged food and beverage needs, simplify the process by placing orders through the Department of Psychology's business office at Benefit from the streamlined experience of ordering through pre-approved vendors such as Amazon and Staples.

Ordering Process Guidelines

1. Designate 'the approver'

The person placing the order becomes 'the approver' responsible for vendor vetting.

2. Follow ASU's Food Safety Policy

When using ASU funds (Pcard or reimbursement) for campus food delivery or seeking reimbursement with personal funds, adhere to the updated food policy. If a restaurant, bakery or retail/grocery store has a priority violation on a routine inspection, ordering or reimbursement is not permitted. 

3. Verify permits and safety

  • Visit the Maricopa County Restaurant Ratings website.
  • Enter the business name.
  • Check for sufficient food safety history by clicking the hyperlink permit ID number (on the left side of the page).

4. Documentation requirements

For ASU Pcard transactions, requesting Pcard payment, or reimbursement requests, attach a PDF (example) from the Maricopa County website of the chosen food/beverage provider. 

5. Submit the Business Meals Form

Include a paid and itemized receipt and a completed Business Meals form. ASU allows up to $40 per person (before tax and gratuity) for meal reimbursement. Alcohol expenses are not reimbursed and prohiitted on ASU account. Gratuity for meals and non-alcoholic beverages should not exceed 20 percent. Gratuity over 20 percent will not be reimbursed.

Frequently asked questions

What if I'm purchasing bulk items?

When buying in bulk for the office from stores like Costco or Walmart for items such as pre-packaged fruit snacks, Halloween candy and bottled water, the priority guidelines policy and process must be followed.

What if I'm not seeking reimbursement for the food I bring to campus?

If the event is occurring with your internal team and is not open to the public, you are not required to complete a food approval submission. Team potlucks and baked goods left in community spaces are considered "eat-at-your-own-risk" items and not eligible for reimbursement.

What if I encounter a 'Priority Violation'?

If a restaurant or store has any 'Priority Violations' (indicated by a non-zero count) for their most recent 'Routine Inspection' on the Maricopa County Restaurant Ratings website, refrain from proceeding with the purchase.

Who can I reach out to for more information?

If you have any continued questions or a specific situation, contact the Business Office (Silke), Research Advancement (Felicity), large events and catering (Jenn Boyd), or Kevin and Leah for assistance.