Purchasing and Reimbursements


Important: P-Card restricted purchase list

  1. Complete the PSY Purchase and Reimbursement Form (Attach a quote for the item or service being requested.)
  2. ASU requires public purpose served by every ASU expenditure. Please include a clear, stand-alone, audit-ready public purpose that explains how the purchase directly benefits ASU and/or the sponsored project paying for it. Please review the attached Business/Public Purpose Guide for helpful tools and examples.
  3. Submit a quote/estimate/invoice or a receipt for reimbursement to initiate payment.
  4. Submit all reimbursement and purchasing requests to PSYpurchasing@asu.edu
  5. To ensure reimbursements are not paid as taxable income, they must be fully processed between 7–60 days of the receipt purchase date.
  6. All computer/laptop and software purchases must go through ASU and be paid directly from an ASU account. You will not be reimbursed for a computer/laptop or software purchase made with personal funds outside of ASU.

**REIMBURSEMENT LIMIT – Requests greater than $1,000 are not allowed**

Over $1000 requires Dean and Provost approval.  These should be avoided by submitting your purchase request through the Psychology business office.


Amazon purchases – We are not allowed to reimburse anyone for Amazon purchases made on a personal credit card or to use a P-card for Amazon purchases. Please contact the PSY Business office at psypurchasing@asu.edu to purchase items from Amazon.  All computer/laptop and software purchases must go through ASU and be paid directly from an ASU account. 


You must include a paid and itemized receipt and a completed and signed Business Meals form with your request. ASU policy allows up to $40 per person (before tax and gratuity) for a meal reimbursement. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed as they are prohibited on ASU accounts.

Tips over 20% - Gratuity for meals and non-alcoholic beverages should not exceed 20 percent of the total meals, non-alcoholic beverages, and tax. Gratuity over 20 percent will not be reimbursed. Deduct all alcohol-related costs before calculating the gratuity for reimbursement or payment by ASU.

Mileage Reimbursement
For reimbursement for travel not requiring airfare or an overnight stay, therefore not associated with a trip in Concur, please complete and sign this form and submit it to PSYPurchasing@asu.edu. Attach a Google Map showing the departure and arrival addresses and distance traveled.  Travelers are paid for actual miles traveled from their home or campus duty post, whichever is less, to their travel destination. Miles driven in excess of the normal commute are reimbursable. (FIN:501:  ASU Travel Policy)  The expectation is to use the most economical means to accomplish purpose of travel.

IT-related purchases

IT-related purchases must be approved prior to purchasing – all software AND subscription services/purchases require an approved Internal Security Review prior to purchase.  Check with the PSY Business office PSYpurchasing@asu.edu to see if an approved review is currently on file and if not, please complete the ASU Service Now online form.

(Examples include Squarespace renewals, website subscriptions, and subscription software such as Prolific.)

Technology purchases:

  • Technology purchases, which include hardware and software, are governed by University and College policies and must be originated through the Psychology Business Office.  In addition, they must be reviewed and approved by our IT Systems Support Specialist, Kenan Kruse, prior to purchase. 
  • See The College website: https://technology.thecollege.asu.edu/ for details – in particular see Computer Standards, and Purchasing.  The purpose of these policies is to insure, among other things, compliance with information security standards, hardware standards, best pricing/service under University contracts, and to avoid purchases of software for which the university has licenses.

Pay particular attention to the statement:  Employee reimbursements will not be approved for purchases of computer equipment or software.