Faculty & Staff Resources


For any building maintenance issues that pose a safety concern or disrupt operations, please call FACMAN at 480-965-3633.  For standard maintenance repairs, please submit a Facilities service request at https://webtma-support.asu.edu/fdmservicerequest/Default.aspx

Please include Sharon Kenyon, Sharon.kenyon@asu.edu on the request as an additional contact, so that we can better track and follow up on the issues.



Amazon purchases – We are not allowed to reimburse anyone for Amazon purchases made on a personal credit card or to use a P-card for Amazon purchases. Please ask the Business Office to purchase your items through Workday or create an Amazon Business Account. Please send an email to Kay Vasley at Kay.Vasley@asu.edu.

Tips over 20% - Gratuity for meals and nonalcoholic beverages should not exceed 20 percent of the total meals, nonalcoholic beverages, and tax. Gratuity over 20 percent will not be reimbursed. Deduct all alcohol-related costs before calculating the gratuity for reimbursement or payment by ASU.


Business Justifications for travel, purchases and reimbursement requests: ASU requires clear documentation of the public purpose served by every ASU expenditure. Please include a clear, stand-alone, audit-ready public purpose that explains how the purchase directly benefits ASU and/or the sponsored project paying for it. Please review the attached Business/ Public Purpose Guide for more informationPDF icon business_purpose_guide_final_01-06-20.pdf


Reimbursement requests: To ensure reimbursements are not paid as taxable income, they must be fully processed between 7–60 days of when the expenses were incurred.

ASU REIMBURSEMENT LIMIT – Requests for an amount greater than $1,000 are not allowed and require dean and provost approval! Please use your P-card or ask the Business Office to assist.


All IT-related purchases which include hardware (e.g., laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.) and software (renewals), data storage, must be originated through the Psychology Business Office*.

*NOTE: The business office staff are required to contact UTO to determine whether or not an Internal Security Reviews (ISO) is required for each IT-related purchase. If an ISO is required an approval document from UTO must be acquired prior to our making the IT-related purchase on your behalf. This policy is to insure, among other things, compliance with information security standards, hardware standards, best pricing/service under University contracts, and to avoid purchases of software for which the university has licenses.

Please reach out to the Research Advancement team if you are planning to purchase any IT related items from grant funding.



For event planning, please contact Grace Jolly



Teaching Resources

Department Forms/Applications:

PSY 399/499 Guidelines - Basic rules, instructions, and recommendations for faculty to review.

Research Opportunity Form  - Faculty should complete this form to recruit undergrads to work in their lab for PSY 399/499 course credit or as a volunteer. The information on this form is posted on the Research Opportunities webpage.

PSY 399/499 Course Application for students - This is the form that students must complete to enroll in PSY 399 or PSY 499.  It is not a "job" application for students to submit in order to be considered as a research assistant in your lab.  Faculty may develop their own application form as a means to select prospective undergrad RAs for either course credit or as volunteers.  Faculty may request to have an individual lab application posted on the TEAM tab of their lab's webpages. Please note, however, you may not request any FERPA-protected information on any form that will be electronically transmitted. 

Multimedia Resources