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FAQs for Doctoral Admission

IMPORTANT: To be considered for PhD program, you must complete the application through ASU's online portal AND submit your material through Slideroom.

Frequently asked questions


Can I get a master’s degree?
A masters in passing is obtained during the course of studies for the PhD program. We do not offer students a terminal master’s degree in Psychology. However, the department has a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis degree program with applications opening October 1 of each year and a rolling deadline. Applications are reviewed starting February 1 to fill limited openings with monthly reviews until the class is filled.


How long does the program take to complete?
The PhD program is a full-time program and usually takes five to six years to complete. The clinical program also requires an additional one-year internship.

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What are the minimum required GPA and GRE scores? Do I need to take the GRE Psychology subject test?

The department does not have minimum GPA or GRE score requirements. Here is a list of average GPAs and GRE test scores over the last few years for those who were offered admission to our PhD programs. The department prefers applicants take the GRE General Exam instead of the Psychology subject-specific test.  

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What is the required Program of Study?
Across all of the doctoral program areas, a minimum of 30 semester hours is required for the masters in passing including a master’s thesis and oral defense. A total of 84 semesters hours are required for the PhD. There is no foreign language requirement. A doctoral dissertation is required which includes a final oral defense. Visit each program area's webpages for more detailed information about the area's specific requirements.


What are the application deadlines?
December 1 – Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical
December 5 – Developmental, Quantitative, Social, Cognitive Science 

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How do I apply and what are the requirements?
The Department of Psychology application process is completed online through ASU’s Graduate Admissions which includes the application form and your unofficial transcripts (official if accepted). The application fee is required by Graduate Admissions before your application will be forwarded to the Department of Psychology. Application to the Department of Psychology doctoral program is also completed via SlideRoom, which requires an additional fee. To apply to the doctoral program, follow the instructions on the Doctoral Program Admission Instructions and Checklist. 

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How long does it take to process an application and how do I check on the status of an application?
ASU Graduate Admissions requires two to four weeks to process a file once they receive it. All required documents must be submitted by the specified deadlines to be considered for admission. The department does not have access to your ASU application until Graduate Admissions has processed your application and you have paid your application fee.

Applicants can check the status of their department application through the SlideRoom website. The department doesn’t have access to your file in SlideRoom until it is complete. 

ASU maintains a website that allows the applicant to check the status of their ASU application and related services. The website is available through a secure login using the applicant’s asurite ID and password (which can be obtained for prospective students through the website), and is accessed via MyASU.


How much is tuition?
The Department of Psychology typically funds all of its doctoral students with 20 hour-per-week graduate/teaching/research assistantships. Because tuition is waived for students with 20-hour RA or TA positions, our students typically pay no tuition but are required to pay the program fees. Tuition and fee information can be found on the ASU’s general tuition page. 

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Do you have assistantships (GA/TA/RA) available?

Yes, the department may fund all of its admitted doctoral students with one type of assistantship or the other. The assistantships typically are for 20 hours per week. For 2019-20, the stipends are $17,100 for nine months (pre-masters student) and $18,100 for nine months (post-masters). Those graduate students who hold a 20 hour-per-week teaching assistantship or research assistantship and are registered for at least six hours-per-semester have 100 percent of their tuition rebated. The Department of Psychology strives to provide summer support for all doctoral students.


Can I get information sent to me?
We do not have hardcopy brochures or flyers but information can be obtained by visiting the doctoral program section of the departmental website. Specific information can be obtained by sending an email to psychgrad@asu.edu.

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 Application Deadlines

PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience 2019-2010/8/201812/1/2018
PhD in Clinical Psychology 2019-2010/8/201812/1/2018
PhD in Cognitive Science 2019-2010/8/201812/5/2018
PhD in Developmental Psychology 2019-2010/8/201812/5/2018
PhD in Quantitative Psychology 2019-2010/8/201812/5/2018
PhD in Social Psychology 2019-2010/8/201812/5/2018
MS Applied Behavior Analysis program10/10/20188/3/2019